What kind of sake brand is Ugonotsuki? 雨後の月


Discerning Daiginjo brewing! Approaching the charm of sake Ugonotsuki"

Did you know that “Ugonotsuki" was manufactured by “Aihara Sake Brewery", which has a sake brewery in Hiroshima?

Speaking of Hiroshima, Kanemitsu Sake Brewery’s “Kamo Kinshu" and Hoken Sake Brewery’s “Hoken" are also famous, but many of you may know them because they are as famous as the Ugonotsuki.

This time, we will introduce the charm of such sake “Ugonotsuki".


About “Aihara Sake Brewery"

What is the charm of the Ugonotsuki?

About “Aihara Sake Brewery"

Aihara Sake Brewery was founded in 1875 (Meiji 8) in Nigata, Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture, and has a history of more than 100 years.

Although it was all about sake brewing, it was about 30 years ago in 1988 (Showa 63) that they began to stick to ginjo brewing after Mr. Junichiro Aihara, the fourth generation of the brewery, became the representative.

From the desire to put quality first and to make delicious sake for drinking, Aihara Sake Brewery was reborn as Ginjozo.

Origin of the name

“Ugonotsuki" which is the representative sake of the brewery, was named by Mr. Tadashi Aihara, the second kuramoto.

The origin is said to have been taken from the short story of Kenjiro Tokutomi’s essay “Nature and Life." The meaning is “In the sky after the rain, the moon shines brightly around you."

With this name as the goal, the brewers strive every day to make beautiful sake.

What is the charm of the Ugonotsuki?

The Ugonotsuki is not dry, but it is sharp and easy to drink. Not only sake lovers but also beginners of sake can enjoy it widely.

Next, let’s explore the secret of the deliciousness of the Ugonotsuki!

Everything is made with Daiginjo

Do you know what “Daiginjo-zukuri" looks like?

What is Daiginjo-zukuri?
“Traditionally, better-polished white rice is slowly fermented at low temperatures to increase the proportion of dregs and brew it to have a unique aroma (ginka)."
The point is to take the time and effort to brew it carefully and finish it with a high aroma. At Aihara Sake Brewery, this manufacturing method is applied to all products.

In addition to Daiginjo brewing, all products are carefully refrigerated in a dedicated facility in the month after the rain.. It meets the condition of good aging, that is, which is to deepen the taste slowly at a low temperature.

The best sake rice and famous water as ingredients

When introducing sake, rice and water are essential.
Of course, the Ugonotsuki is made with particular attention to these two.

The water used is one of the best ultra-soft water in Japan obtained in Nigata, Hiroshima Prefecture. Since soft water has a low mineral content, fermentation proceeds gently, and not only does it have a mellow taste on the palate, but it also has ingredients that bring out the umami, so it brings out a soft taste.

They use only carefully selected sake rice.

“Yamada Nishiki in Akizu, Hyogo Prefecture Special Area A" is said to be the pinnacle of sake rice kings. The phantom sake rice “Omachi" that has been endangered, and use rice suitable for sake brewing such as “Aiyama", which is said to be extremely difficult to cultivate.They have these two as grandparents and carefully examine. Careful aging for Daiginjo brewing, and sake produced from the best sake rice and Hiroshima’s famous water.

The taste is “clear and beautiful," as the name implies. 

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