What kind of sake brand is Kudokijouzu? くどき上手


One of the best “super dry" ginjo sake in the Japanese sake world! Approaching the charm of “Kudokijouzu Bakuren"

Speaking of sake, it’s dry! Thinking there are many people who say that.
If we were to say that it is a dry taste that is served with delicious food … it’s irresistible! !!

All of those people who are fan of dry! Do you know that “Bakuren" has a 20 degree of sake and is said to be super dry?

Bakuren, a “super dry" ginjo sake that represents Japan, was born as a result of research. What kind of background did you arrive at with the overwhelming sake level of “+20"? 


About Bakuren

About “Kamenoi Sake Brewery"

About Bakuren

Limited “super dry" ginjo sake that represents Japan

Bakuren is a ginjo sake that originated in Yamagata prefecture. It is a “dry" sake that is especially famous in the sake industry and is loved by many sake lovers. It is a super rare limited sake that can only be handled at 10 of the dealers nationwide!

Bakuren is one of the brands of Kamenoi Sake Brewery’s “Kudokijouzu", and is a “super dry" sake that was born as a result of repeated research to master the sake brewing of “sharp and dry Junmai Ginjo Sake". Not only it is spicy, but it also has a very refreshing taste with a faintly fragrant fruity ginjo, a light sharpness, and a very refreshing feeling that you will not get tired of drinking.

By the way, the meaning of Bakuren is “a woman who does what she likes without listening to her parents." It’s a very distinctive name (laughs)

The label of Bakuren depicts a woman holding a wine glass in one hand and a crab in one hand, and this woman seems to mean “Bakuren".

Sake degree +20

The characteristic of “Bakuren" is that it is “super dry". The spiciness is “Sake degree +20"!

The degree of sake is a unit that indicates the sugar content of sake. The higher the sugar content, the more negative it is, and the lower the sugar content, the more positive it is.

In general, if it is negative, it is sweet, and if it is positive, it is dry.

It is said that the degree of sake that is said to be “dry" in the world is about +3.5 ~ +5.9, and sake of +6.0 or more is said to be “very dry".

From this, you can see how amazing the number “+20 in Bakuten’s degree of sake“. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is dry beyond its taste.

About “Kamenoi Sake Brewery

Kamenoi Sake Brewery is a sake brewery that brews the brand “Kudokijouzu" including “Bakuren".

Kamenoi Sake Brewery was founded in 1875 (Meiji 8). They have a brewery in Haguro Town, which is a deep area of ​​the Shonai Plain in Yamagata Prefecture.

Haguro Town is the gate town of Dewa Sanzan, a sacred mountain that attracts 1.8 million tourists annually. The national treasure “Haguroyama Five-story Pagoda" and the Dewa Sanzan Shrine Otorii are nearby, and the nature is abundant.

Overwhelming consumerism, confidence in quality

Kamei Sake Brewery has the idea of ​​"I want many customers to drink delicious sake."

They have an overwhelming strength in the “quality control" of sake. It has a refrigerating facility of over 200 tsubo, which is one of the best storage capacities in the prefecture!

Sake rice is also covered in the local Haguro town.
Sake rice is brewed using rice made in Haguro Town such as “Miyama Nishiki" and “Dewa Sansan", as well as unique sake rice such as Yamada Nishiki, Omachi, Kamenoo, Sake Mirai, and Hashu Yamada Nishiki. 

Kamenoi Sake Brewery’s products, which are blessed with nature, sake rice, and quality control, are also characterized by an “average rice polishing rate of 50% for all products".

Kamei Sake Brewery is a sake brewery with a strong commitment to “delicious sake".

Representative brand kudokijouzu
Address 1, Aza Fukunouchi, Tono, Haguro-cho, Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata
Tel 0235-62-2307
Brand: kudokijouzu

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