What kind of sake brand is Jikon?



Sake to drink on a special day! Approaching the charm of Mie’s famous sake “Jikon"

It is a gem that is suitable as a sake to decorate a special day gorgeously!
And, of course, there is a reason why it is expensive. Today, we will explore the secret of sake "Jikon"!

What is "Jikon"?

What is "Kiyamasa Sake Brewery" that brews "Jikon"?

What is “Jikon"?

Mr. Tadashi Onishi, the 6th generation of Kiyasho Sake Brewery, trained in sake brewing for two years under the Mori school "Mr. Tajima". After that, the sake that the 6th generation himself brewed as chief brewer is "Shiima".
The word "modern" means "to live the present as much as possible without being trapped in the past or the future."

We use high-quality sake rice from all over Japan, centered on Yamada Nishiki from Iga. Different types of products are shipped every month, such as "Aiyama," "Sake Mirai," "Senbon Nishiki," "Hattan Nishiki," and "Gohyakumangoku," which are suitable for sake brewing.
Indeed, sake that has been brewed with great care. What kind of sake brewery is Kiyamasa Sake Brewery that brews such "Jikon"?

What is “Kiyamasa Sake Brewery" that brews “Jikon"?

Kiyasho Sake Brewery is a long-established brewery founded in the first year of Bunsei (1818) in Nabari City, Mie Prefecture.
The store and main building, which retains the atmosphere of the time, is designated as a registered tangible cultural property.

We have manufactured "Takasago" and "Shikra Masamune" and sold them mainly in the Iga region. In 2005, we launched the "Shikra" brand and started wholesale to local sake specialty stores nationwide.
Quality-oriented sake is delivered with the idea of ​​"putting your thoughts in the bottle and making improvements without being satisfied with the current situation."

Each one is brewed in the blessed climate and climate peculiar to the Iga Basin, which can be said to be the best environment for sake brewing.
"Spring water of the Nabari River" is used as the water for preparation. "Yamada Nishiki from Iga" is used for rice. Especially for rice, it seems that they are particular about getting involved from rice planting with the cooperation of local farmers.
Yeast used is No. 9 type, which is suitable for low temperature fermentation. Carefully wash the rice little by little, make the jiuqu by hand, and slowly ferment it over time.
By doing this, the sweetness and acidity are in harmony, and a fresh and juicy liquor is born. In addition, Daiginjo is made using the traditional "bag hanging" method.

Retaining a 200-year-old brewery from the time of its founding, sake brewing is done using the old-fashioned manufacturing method. Kiyamasa Sake Brewery will continue to make genuine sake.

Product introduction

Special pure rice Jikon

The refreshing aroma, sourness, umami, and natural taste make it an easy-to-match dish.


The profound and mellow texture of the highest peak, which seems to be modern. The noble atmosphere spreads, yet it is a gem with outstanding sharpness.

Junmai Daiginjo

An overwhelming presence suitable for the highest peak. It has a gorgeous flavor, a rich texture, and a light taste.

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