What kind of sake brand is Kuheiji ?


Introducing the charm of "Kuheiji, the brewer" who pursued the essence of sake

“Kamoshibito Kuheiji, the brewer" played a part in igniting the sake success overseas.  What kind of taste it offers?  This time, we will look at the reasons for the popularity of the Kuheiji, the brewer.


What is Kuheiji, the brewer?

What is the taste of Kuheiji, the brewer?

About Banjo Sake Brewery and Kuheiji, the brewer

What is the Kamoshibito Kuheiji, the brewer?

Kamoshibito Kuheiji, the brewer is a sake made by Junmai Daiginjo, which is sold by Banjo Jozo Company in Aichi Prefecture.

The kamoshibito Kuheiji, the brewer is brewed in Aichi prefecture, but uses rice suitable for sake brewing cultivated in his own rice fields in Harima, Hyogo prefecture, which is famous for producing high quality rice. Kuheiji, the brewer, the origin of the name At Banjo Brewing, the name “Kuheiji" has been passed down from generation to generation since its founding. Kuheiji, the brewer is a brand launched in 1997 by Mr. Kuno Kuheiji , the 15th generation.

What is the taste of the brewer Kuheiji?

The taste of the brewer Kuheiji varies slightly depending on the brand, but the fruity and gorgeous aroma and the elegant acidity are the characteristics of  Kuheiji, the brewer's taste.

The sake you want to drink in a wine glass, Kuheiji, the brewer
Kuheiji, a brewer with a gorgeous aroma and fruity taste, is recommended to drink in a wine glass. You can enjoy the change in aroma and taste by drinking with various types of sake sets.

About Banjo Sake Brewery and Kuheiji, the brewer

Banjo Sake Brewery, the brewery that produces Kuheiji, the brewer is a sake brewery located in Midori-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. From the 9th generation of the Kuno family, whose owners call themselves "Kuheiji", they started brewing sake. Originally, sake was brewed under the subordinates of major manufacturers in Nada and Fushimi, and the amount of sake brewed as an in-house brand was less than 300 stones. Mr. Kuheiji Kuno, the 15th generation kuramoto, became the main kuramoto, and it became a brewery boasting a scale of 1200 stones even though it was prepared in small quantities that could not be mass-produced.
With the aspiration of "creating new value for sake and boosting it," Banjo Sake Brewery, which is famous as a brewery that only produces ginjo and daiginjo sake, has its own rice field in Harima, Hyogo Prefecture. We own it and aim to reform rice cultivation and even agriculture. It is also famous for sending staff to France for long-term training in order to cause a chemical reaction with sake.

"Sake is not like this," says the up-and-coming kuramoto, who pursues the essence forever, and is drawing attention from around the world.


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