What is Dassai!?


Dassai is a brand of Japanese sake produced by Asahi Sake Brewery in Yamaguchi Prefecture.


① High quality sake rice and rice polishing technology

Dassai is made using Yamada Nishiki, a rice suitable for sake brewing, as the main ingredient, using a unique rice polishing technique called “Dassai Polishing." This rice polishing technique makes it possible to produce sake with a clear taste and minimal off-flavors.

*Yamada Nishiki

Yamada Nishiki is known as the perfect sake rice for making sake, and is characterized by its large white portion called shinpaku and low protein content. As a result, the sake has a clear taste with less unpleasant flavors.

*Dassai polishing

“Dassai polishing" is a manufacturing technique that removes more flavor by carefully scraping not only the outside of the rice but also the inside.

② Gorgeous aroma and elegant taste

Dassai is characterized by its gorgeous aroma and elegant taste. For example, Dassai 23% is a Junmai Daiginjo sake made with a high rice polishing rate of 23%, and you can enjoy a very gorgeous aroma and delicate taste.

※『Rice polishing ratio』 is the ratio of rice that is scraped off when brown rice is polished into white rice.The lower the rice polishing ratio, the more rice is scraped off. As a result, the sake has a clear taste with less unpleasant flavors.

③ High evaluation

Dassai has received high praise both in Japan and abroad. It has won numerous awards in Japan and is sold in many countries overseas. In the past, when former President Obama visited Japan, Dassai was presented as a souvenir, which became a hot topic.

④ Expanding the possibilities of sake

Dassai has expanded new possibilities for sake by pursuing high quality sake. With the introduction of Dassai, sake established its status as a high-class drink and became an opportunity to increase the number of sake fans.

⑤ Rarity

Dassai is a high-quality sake, so production is limited. For this reason, it is known as a difficult-to-obtain sake, and its rarity is one of the reasons for its popularity.