What kind of sake brand is Suigei? 酔鯨


The best sake that complements the food! The charm of “Suigei", a famous sake born in Tosa

Tosa’s famous sake “Suigei". This sake, which was born in Kochi prefecture, is made from the charm of the land and the skill of craftsmen.

It is now popular overseas, but it seems that many people still do not know it in Japan. So this time, We will approach the charm of this Suigei Shuzo.


“Suigei" born after overcoming many troubles

Rain and water

Rice and craftsmanship

Expansion to the world and products

“Suigei" born after overcoming many troubles

Suigei is a sake made in Kochi and Tosa. It is said that this land with a lot of rain and high humidity is not suitable for sake brewing.

However, that is why the people of this area have taken sake more seriously than anyone else. This sake, which was completed after overcoming many difficulties, has become a representative sake of Tosa.

Ideal as sake during meals

Sake is made not only in Tosa but all over Japan, but each sake has its own standing position. When and in which situation you want to drink depends on the brewery and brand.

Even so, Suigei Shuzo was made as sake during meals. The main thing is cooking. It was created in pursuit of sake to bring out the taste of the dish without disturbing it and to make it even more enjoyable.

There are two important points to complement the dish: “combining umami and sharpness" and “gentle aroma". Suigei Shuzo, with those two points in mind, can be considered sake that you can enjoy cooking, no matter how many cups you drink.

Rain and water

Whether or not you can make delicious sake depends on the water. A large amount of water is used in the process of making sake, such as cleaning bottles as well as for brewing.

Kochi, which has a lot of rainfall, is a land blessed with water. Not only that, but because the forest rate is the highest in Japan, the rain that falls melts into the rich greenery and becomes spring water.

The water grown in the highlands is the origin of Suigei Shuzo. Only the source water in the Tosayama area is used during manufacturing. Selected as one of the 100 Exquisite Waters of Heisei, the good water quality comes with origami.

Since it is far from the residential area, it is full of clean and abundant water that is not polluted by domestic wastewater.

Rice and craftsmanship

Water is essential for sake brewing, but there is one more important thing. That is rice.

The taste of sake changes greatly depending on the rice, and the characteristics vary depending on the variety. In Suigei Shuzo, the rice polishing rate is kept as low as possible to bring out the goodness of rice. It’s not good from a cost performance point of view because it costs a lot, but they don’t compromise to achieve the desired deliciousness.

Craftsmen with high technical skills handle abundant water and carefully selected rice. Kochi Prefecture is an unsuitable environment for sake brewing, but it is their craftsmanship to cover such hardships. In Suigei Shuzo, they use a small amount of preparation to achieve fine temperature control. In addition, they carefully face the making of Jiuqu and realize the healthy fermentation of Jiuqu.

Expansion to the world

In Tosa, there is a culture of banquet dishes, which is a dish bowl dish, in which a variety of menus are placed on a large plate. Therefore, Suigei has developed as an in-meal liquor that goes well with any dish.

However, its popularity is not limited to Tosa, but is now spreading to the world. With the theme of Enjoy SAKE Life, an event called “Enjoy SAKE Life" is held in New York, Paris, and Berlin, and it is a place for community formation for Suigei fans.

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