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Tanrei Umakuchi sake! Approaching the charm of the beautiful sake Kakurei produced by Uonuma

Speaking of Tanrei Umakuchi sake, Kakurei.                                      

There are many people who says, “I’ve heard" Tanrei Karakuchi “, but we don’t often hear" Tanrei Umakuchi “."  

This Kakurei is a famous sake produced by the various blessings brought by Snow Country and the traditional technique of Mr. Echigo Mori. It can be said that it is a gem created by the connection between the climate of Uonuma and people. If you know the climate of the area, the people who live there, and the connection with sake, you will surely be able to drink more deliciously. This time, we would like to introduce you to Kakurei.

About Aoki Sake Brewery that makes Kakurei

“Aoki Sake Brewery" is located in the Uonuma region of Niigata prefecture, and was founded in 1717 and has a history of more than 300 years.
They are making orthodox sake to pass on the traditions cultivated in this area to future generations. The history of this brewery can be seen from the records of Imperial Highness Akishino and Imperial Highness Princess Kiko of Akishino visiting Aoki Sake Brewery.

It is said that the name Kakurei was given by Makiyuki Suzuki, a merchant and essayist who is the ancestor of the current kuramoto.

Born in Shiozawa in 1770, Makiyuki is a book called “Hokuetsu Seppu," which describes the life of Uonuma, including the customs and dialects of the snowy country, customs and folklore, and industry. Published over 30 years from the conception, this book is regarded as a valuable historical source for learning about life at that time.

The land of Uonuma, Aoki Sake Brewery, and kakurei. You can see that everything has been connected for a long time.

What kind of drink is Kakurei Tanrei Umakuchi Sake?

Uonuma’s meal Tanrei (Clean, but not flimsy, good taste) Umakuchi (It is neither sweet nor dry, and it means that the balance of the whole five tastes is exquisite, there is a product with a high aroma, and the aftertaste is refreshing. It is a difficult and subtle word to describe in detail, but it is a sake with the umami of rice that has a high level of cohesiveness (dignity) as a whole.)

People who are familiar with sake may think that Niigata sake is “light and dry".
However, Kakurei is a Tanrei Umakuchi sake that retains the original taste of sake rice.

This is related to the food culture of Uonuma.
Uonuma, a snowy country, has a lot of dried fish and pickles, which are preserved foods in winter, on the table. In addition, it is said that Uonuma people who sweat and work hard prefer seasoned dishes with salt and soy sauce.

Kakurei is a sake that is not only light and crisp, but also brings out the original taste of rice as a pressing taste to match these strong-tasting dishes.


淡麗 Tanrei : Clean, but not flimsy, good taste

旨口 Umakuchi :It is neither sweet nor dry, and it means that the balance of the whole five tastes is exquisite, there is a product with a high aroma, and the aftertaste is refreshing. It is a difficult and subtle word to describe in detail, but it is a sake with the umami of rice that has a high level of cohesiveness (dignity) as a whole.)

The blessings of underground water from Mt. Makihata, one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan

Underground water from Mt. Makihata, one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan, is pumped up from 80m underground and used as the water for preparation.
The underground water of Mt. Makihata, which uses abundant melted snow as its water source, is transparent and soft. It is said that the water derived from snowmelt water has a relatively low mineral content and can be slowly and gently fermented.

The tendency of sake brewed with soft water is to have a smooth and refreshing taste. The reason why Niigata sake, which uses water derived from thawed water, is so refreshing may be largely influenced by this water quality.

Niigata sake brewing suitable rice Koshitanrei

Gohyakumangoku, Yamada Nishiki, Miyama Nishiki, Omachi, etc. are used for sake rice, but the center is Koshitanrei from Niigata prefecture.
Koshitanrei is a rice suitable for sake brewing with “Yamada Nishiki" as the mother and “Gohyakumangoku" as the father. It was established in 2004 with the cooperation of Niigata Prefectural Brewing Experiment Station, Niigata Sake Association, and Niigata Prefectural Agricultural Research Institute Crop Research Center.

Koshitanrei, which was developed with the goal of “rice quality that is suitable for cultivation in Niigata and surpasses Yamada Nishiki," is exactly what Niigata is proud of.

In addition, attention is paid to the brewing, and the taste like Kakurei is brewed according to the characteristics of each rice, such as the amount of water to be polished and contained, the steaming method, and the yeast to be combined.

Echigo Mori’s skill and the spirit of Wagou

Not only the raw materials and environment, but also the power of People involved in alcohol is important. The traditional technique of Mori Echigo and the spirit of Wagou with the people of Minami Uonuma are also important factors in shaping sake.

Mr. Echigo Mori is one of the three major Mori in Japan, and is a group of Mori who has its origin in present-day Niigata Prefecture. At Aoki Sake Brewery, Mr. Echigo Mori has been brewing the age of cranes for generations.

The spirit of Wagou is the idea that good sake is produced by the Wagou of “makers" such as Mori and farmers, “sellers" such as liquor stores and restaurants, and “drinkers". The spirit of Wagou is established by compassion, consideration, sometimes patience, sometimes encouragement, and sometimes joy.

Rice made by farmers, Mr. Mori’s technology, people who sell it, and people who finally drink it. Delicious sake is made by the harmony of all the people involved in Kakurei.

Introducing representative brands

Kakurei Junmai Ginjo

A light and soft Junmai Ginjo sake that makes the best use of the original flavor of rice. We use Koshitanrei, a rice suitable for sake brewing.
Although it is light, it has a faint aroma and a swelling taste, and it is delicious even when warmed.

This liquor has won the Excellence Award (Gold Award) at the “80th Kanto Shinetsu National Taxation Bureau Liquor Appraisal Committee, Kanzake Division". It is also one of the bottles that has been used in ANA international business class in-flight service liquor since September 2017.

Kakurei Junmai Nama Shiboritate (Kakurei , freshly squeezed pure rice)

In the past, a new sake limited raw sake version of Honjo was on sale, but that product was released as Junmaishu.
Although it is pure rice sake, it has a rice polishing rate of 60% and high specs that can be called Ginjo sake.
It is a greedy sake that has the freshness unique to new sake, the deep flavor of raw sake, and the sharpness of the sake.

Tsuruage Junmai Daiginjo

By using rice with a whitening ratio of 40% and slowly fermenting it at a low temperature, a full tea and gorgeous ginjo aroma was created.
The finest Junmai Daiginjo sake with a soft taste, throatiness, and moderate richness. The degree of sake is +0, which may be said to be the sweetest of Aoki Sake Brewery’s

Kakurei Junmaishu Yukiotoko

Yukiotoko is a Tanrei Karakuchi liquor that makes the best use of soft water preparation, and is a refreshing and sharp liquor.
This Junmaishu has a sharp aftertaste while making the best use of the taste of rice that is typical of Junmaishu. The degree of sake is +12.0, which is super dry.
This is a type of sake that you can enjoy without getting tired of drinking, so this is recommended for those who like refreshing sake. The cute? Design Yukiotoko series includes book brewing, shochu, and cider, which may be good gifts.

Representative brand kakurei
Address 1214 Shiozawa, Minamiuonuma City, Niigata
HP http://www.kakurei.co.jp/
Tel 025-782-0023
Brand: kakurei

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