What kind of sake brand is Kubota? 久保田


How is the “Kubota series" different? Get closer to the charm of the light and dry sake “Kubota"!

Asahi Sake Brewery’s sake “Kubota", which Niigata is proud of. Kubota is famous, but did you know that there is a line-up called the Kubota series, and each one has something to offer.

This time, We would like to introduce you to Kubota!


What kind of liquor is Kubota?

What are you particular about?

What is Asahi Sake Brewery that makes Kubota?

What kind of liquor is Kubota?

Kubota has a refreshing “light and dry" taste that is typical of Niigata sake.

At the time of development, sweet and strong sake was generally preferred. Asahi Sake Brewery decided to make “a refreshing sake that you can drink cleanly and never get tired of drinking," as if you had foreseen the popularization of sake dryness that would come after this. That’s a spectacular expectation, and Niigata’s “tanrei dry" sake was popular during the bubble era. Among them, Kubota was recognized as a representative brand.

Kubota, a light and refreshing sake with a light yet deep and rich taste, is still loved by many people in all generations regardless of age or gender.

There are many ways to enjoy Kubota. It is suitable not only for cold but also for hot sake, so you can enjoy changing the temperature range according to the food and season. It’s a versatile sake that changes its character according to the preference and the situation of the drinker at that time.

What are you particular about?

How is the deliciousness of Kubota made?

This is influenced by the commitment of using raw materials such as rice and water, and the sake brewing skills of Asahi Sake Brewery. 

● Rice
Rice has a great influence on the taste of sake.

Asahi Sake Brewery has established the agricultural production corporation “Asahi Agricultural Research Co., Ltd." to improve the quality of sake rice, to cultivate and research new sake rice. They work with local farmers to produce the highest quality rice for sake brewing.

You may be a little surprised if sake brewing will do so much for rice, but Asahi Sake Brewery continues to make delicious sake, saying that  “the quality of sake cannot exceed the quality of raw materials". Surprisingly it does.

● Water

In addition to rice, water has a great influence as well on the taste of sake.

Asahi Sake Brewery uses soft water with less unpleasant taste from the groundwater veins that flow through the Asahi area. By brewing with soft water, gentle fermentation is promoted and the sake is finished with a pleasant taste.

Kubota’s significantly clean taste is greatly influenced by this water, isn’t it?

● Technique
It is not the case that delicious sake can be made with the best ingredients.

Kubota is brewed by the craftsmanship that has been passed down through a long history since its founding in the first year of Tenpo (1830).

Of course, you cannot make delicious sake just by telling the procedure and process as a manual. They proceed the manufacture considering factors that change daily, such as the temperature and humidity of the day.

In each process created by the predecessors, by seriously facing sake, they make wonderful sake.

What is Asahi Sake Brewery that makes Kubota?

Since its founding in the first year of Tenpo (1830), Niigata’s water, rice and people have brewed sakes such as Kubota.

Based on the idea that sake brewing is rice brewing, they have continued to cultivate and research rice together with the agricultural production corporation “Asahi Agricultural Research Co., Ltd."

In addition, Asahi Sake Brewery values ​​the relationship with the local community, saying, “We want to be a company that walks with the local community and develops with the local community.". Asahi Sake Brewery is located in the nature of Koshiji, surrounded by rice fields and satoyama.

In that environment, they introduce Koshiji no Sato through seasonal events such as a tea party in the spring, fireflies in the summer, a maple garden in the fall, and a tour of the sake brewery in the winter. Asahi Sake Brewery contributes to the creation of a village where you can enjoy the rich nature and culture.

If you drink Kubota made by such a sake brewery, you may feel the love for the local area and the smiles of the people who live there.

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