What kind of sake brand is 三井の寿 MiiーnoーKotobuki?


The basis of the popular Japanese basketball Manga, Slam Dunk character “Hisashi Mitsui”!? The charm of Fukuoka’s famous sake “Mii no Kotobuki"

Do you all know the word “Toji"? The chief executive officer in brewing at the sake brewery is called Toji. Toji formed a school for each village or region, and traditionally, Toji and the Kuramoto were separate. However, recently, the number of cases where the Kuramoto is also called “Kuramoto Toji" is increasing.

“Mii no Kotobuki" introduced this time is a sake from Fukuoka prefecture made by Kuramoto Toji.


Overview of “Mii no Kotobuki"

Tadatsugu Inoue, the 4th generation who supports the “Mii no Kotobuki" sake brewery

Mii no Kotobuki Series

A dish that matches Mii no Kotobuki



Overview of “Mii no Kotobuki"

The most representative of the brands is “MiiーnoーKotobuki OoーKarakuchi JunmaiーGinjo YamadaーNishiki".
Fukuoka Prefecture’s sake is often TanreiーKarakuchi(light and dry), but “Mii no Kotobuki" is no exception to this and has a crisp, refreshing taste. Especially, it is a very dry sake, as you can see by the name. The degree of sake is +14, which shows the degree of dryness from the numbers.

However, the characteristic of “Mii no Kotobuki" is that it is not spicy. Although it is a crisp and dry sake, it also has a deep taste backed by a long history. Therefore, it is a sake that is suitable not only during meals but also as apéritif and digestif.

Mii no Kotobuki water and sake rice

Production of Mii no Kotobuki began around 1918. Since that time, the Koishiwara River, which flows near the brewery, has been used as water for preparation. This river is separated from the Chikugo River of Mt. Aso, and contains plenty of high-quality minerals that are indispensable for sake brewing.

Yamada Nishiki from Itoman, the water prepared by the Koishiwara River, and “Mii no Kotobuki" can be said to be “ground-rooted sake" that makes good use of ingredients related to Fukuoka!

Tadatsugu Inoue, the 4th generation who supports the “Mii no Kotobuki" sake brewery

And now, the center of this warehouse is Mr. Tadatsugu Inoue, the 4th generation managing director.

Originally he worked for a foreign-affiliated food company, but at the age of 27 he returned to his parents’ home and started helping the brewing industry. After spending several years learning about sake brewing, he started his own sake brewing in cooperation with young people in the company. Since then, with the motto “Science, sense and passion", we have been making sake without relying on Toji.

Mr. Inoue pays particular attention to temperature control during brewing. To maintain quality, the brewery is always kept cold. In addition to this, they are making sake with various ingenuity, such as developing sake using wine yeast.

MiiーnoーKotobuki Series

三井の寿  大辛口 純米吟醸 山田錦  MiiーnoーKotobuki   OoーKarakuchi JunmaiーGinjo YamadaーNishiki

“MiiーnoーKotobuki" classic Junmai Ginjo.

The sharp taste with moderate acidity is one that can be said to be a dry model. Why don’t you enjoy the crispy taste that is typical of Fukuoka’s local sake?

三井の寿 ワイン酵母で造った純米吟醸酒  MiiーnoーKotobuki Made with wine yeast JunmaiーGinjoーShu

“MiiーnoーKotobuki Junmai Ginjo Sake made with wine yeast". Its taste is similar to white wine and has an elegant acidity and sweetness.

The label is also drawn in a Western-style design so that it is easier for people to drink wine.

三井の寿 純米吟醸 スラムダンク・ラベル  MiiーnoーKotobuki JunmaiーGinjo SlamーDunkーLabel

This “Mii no Kotobuki Slam Dunk Label" is a collaboration with the popular manga Slam Dunk. As some of you may have noticed,

One of the characters in the film, “Hisashi Mitsui", is named after “Mii no Kotobuki"!.

The label is based on red to match the manga. It’s an unbearable dish for fans.

A dish that matches Mii no Kotobuki

Fish sashimi is recommended as a dish to match “Mii no Kotobuki". It’s a refreshing sake, so it’s best to eat it with a light one.

When matching with meat dishes, simple seasonings are better! For yakitori, salt is recommended rather than sauce.

Also, when you drink Mii no Kotobuki Made with wine yeast JunmaiーGinjoーShu", you can eat it with the same snacks as when you enjoy wine. It’s also interesting to match it with Western-style foods such as cheese, buckets coated with liver pate, and prosciutto!


If you like sake, you should try the brand “Mii no Kotobuki" at least once. Various brewing methods have been tried, and it is expected that innovative sake will be produced one after another in the future.

Mr. Inoue is still young, so we have high expectations for what kind of brand he will create next.

If you are interested, please buy it.