What kind of sake brand is Daishichi? 大七


Representing the famous sake “Daishichi" of Fuskushima(Reason of commitment to Kimotozukuri)

“生酛造り(Kimoto zukuri) Making raw sardines".

If you are fan of sake, you might be impressed with “Sake brewing" defines as one of the ways to make sake, and in other terms, it is the traditional way of making sake. It is also known to be extremely hard to work ,  the present age when technology has evolved, no brewer will make “raw sardines" without any intention.

There is a brewery that has a strong commitment to making sake only with this method of making sake? Daishichi is known as popular in Kanzake contest.

we have  pick-up this time the sake “Daishichi" from Fukushima prefecture.


What is “Daishichi"?

What is “Daishichi Sake Brewery"?

“Daishichi" Series

What is “Daishichi"?

Speaking of hot sake (熱燗 Atsukan), “Daishichi" which pertains to hot sake. The brand “Daishichi" is loved by sake lovers.
It is a gem that is making a name for itself, especially for sake fans. There were also countless awards received. 

Daishichi is the perfect choice of sake during meals. The unique deep taste of the special “raw sardines(生酛Kimoto)" that complement the dishes regardless of whether they are Japanese or Western.

There is also a fruity sake alongside with the light and dry type of sake and the sake “Daishichi" is great for beginners of sake.
It is also the good selection as a gift for sake lovers.

What is “Daishichi Sake Brewery"?

Founded in 1752 (2nd year of the Horeki calendar). Daishichi Sake Brewery is a long-established brewery with a history of more than 260 years. The factory is located in Nihonmatsu, Fukushima Prefecture.
It is a brewery that sticks to “raw brewing", which is the orthodox and the traditional brewing method of sake.

They brew sake by valuing the three points of “taste, strength and sophistication", “sake that grows with time", and “sake that brings together human hands and wisdom". What I arrived at was the attitude of sticking to “raw sardine making".

Daishichi Sake Brewery has a long history of conveying sake from the first generation to the 10th generation. There is no doubt that it is called a brewery that represents Japan as well as the local Fukushima.

Daishichi series

・大七生酛Daishichi Kimoto

A well-balanced medium-dry sake that goes beyond while having the richness and umami that is typical for sake.
If you are looking for a refreshing sharpness rather than the “Junmai" that would be described later, we recommend you to try the “Daishichi Kimoto", which is the main brew.

・大七純米生酛Daishichi Junmai Kimoto

A gem representing “Daishichi", which boasts a brilliant award history. If you want to drink “Daishichi", we recommend that you try it from now on. It is characterized by its richness and umami, which is unique for an " alcohol". In addition, it has a good balance of sourness and the sharpness of the aftertaste while having a particularly strong taste, also an important point for the sake cup to proceed.

・Become No.1, Nikkei News paper “Anything Ranking" “Sake that suits to OSECHI (Jpanese New Year Dish) 
・2007 Sake 大 SHOW, become No. 1 Sake that you want to drink slowly as Atsukan ( hot sake)
・2008 Sake 大 SHOW, Won the Gold Award “Kanzake(warm sake) and Delicious Sake" 
・2009 Sake 大 SHOW, Won Platinium Award Sake that has good combination goes with OSECHI (New Year dish)

・大七箕輪門 生酛 純米大吟醸酒Daishichi Minowamon Sake Junmai Daiginjo

Junmai Daiginjo Sake that has been inducted into the Hall of Fame after receiving the Platinum Award three times. It is an extremely delicious drink that gives a refreshing impression.

2009 Local Sake 大SHOW won Platinium Award"Sake that good combination with crabs" 
2010 Local Sake 大 SHOW won Platinium Award"Sake that goes well with salmon roe" 
2011 Local Sake 大 SHOW won the Platinium Award “Cold sake perfect with cheese"

The sophisticated balance is easy for beginners to accept. A high-quality cup full of the charm of sake is also recommended as an item to decorate a special day.

Representative brand daishichi
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