What kind of sake brand is 南部美人 NanbuーBijin Sake?


World-recognized sake! Approaching the charm of Iwate’s famous sake “NanbuーBijin"

Iwate Prefecture, where sophisticated Japanese sake brewing is flourishing due to the tradition of 南部杜氏Nanbu-Toji. Among them, “NanbuーBijin" is an excellent sake brewery that has been highly evaluated and has won numerous awards both in Japan and overseas. ,

This time, we will introduce the sake brewery “NanbuーBijin", which is popular among a wide range of sake rubber.


What is “NanbuーBijin"?

Nanbu-Toji’s skill and tradition, and sake refined by the passion of the kuramoto

Not only sake, but also sugar-free fruit liquor that is particular to Nanbu Bijin

“Nanbu Bijin" flapping from Iwate to the world



What is “NanbuーBijin"?

NanbuーBijin is a sake brewery founded in 1902, headquartered in Ninohe City, northern part of Iwate Prefecture. In this southern region surrounded by abundant nature, it is said that it was named “NanbuーBijin" in 1951 with the desire to “make beautiful sake" as associated with women in the snowy country. ..

The brewery continues to make more beautiful and delicious sake by constantly improving it without compromising. In the “Hanasake Nippon Project" where sake breweries in Tohoku began to gather while the mood of self-restraint of cherry blossom viewing spread during the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, Kosuke Kuji, the fifth generation brewery of Nanbu Bijin, and others enjoyed cherry blossom viewing. The YouTube video that called for drinking sake from Iwate and Tohoku became a hot topic.

Nanbu-Toji’s skill and tradition, and sake refined by the passion of the kuramoto

Toji, who manages the sake brewing process, is also the chief executive officer of the sake brewery. The production of this NanbuーBijin is also controlled by the Iwate-based Toji group “Nanbu-Toji".

南部杜氏Nanbu-Toji has the largest number of members in the Toji group in Japan, and is said to be one of the representative Toji groups in Japan, along with 越後杜氏Echigo-Toji in Niigata prefecture and 丹波杜氏Tanba-Toji in Hyogo prefecture. Kosuke Kuji, the fifth generation kuramoto, rediscovered the charm of sake while studying abroad in the United States, and decided to succeed NanbuーBijin and returned to Japan. After studying brewing at university and practicing at various breweries, I returned to NanbuーBijin and thoroughly reviewed brewing.

In order to convey the original taste of sake, Mr. Kuji has abandoned the conventional technique of filtering with a carbon filter and adopted the now mainstream non-filtering technique. Although it was not accepted at that time, careful sake brewing resulted in a truly delicious sake that did not require filtration.

南部美人 純米吟醸  NanbuーBijin JunmaiーGinjo

A classic NanbuーBijin brand completed by careful preparation. The rich sweetness and umami of rice and the pleasant ginjo aroma spread. It also has a light aftertaste, and you want to drink it with a meal with an elegant taste such as Japanese food.

Not only sake, but also sugar-free fruit liquor that is particular to NanbuーBijin

They started to make fruit sake not only for sake but also for people who can’t drink sake. Fruit wines such as plum wine contain a lot of sugar and are generally sweet. However, the need for liquor with less sugar and liquor that is not too sweet increased, and started developing 梅酒UmeーShu without sugar as a personality of NanbuーBijin.

By applying the sake brewing technique “All rice malt preparation" adopted by NanbuーBijin, we succeeded in brewing without using any sugars or additives such as sugar, sweeteners and amino acids. We have developed and obtained a patent for an easy-to-drink, sugar-free “Japanese" liquor that has the natural sweetness of pure rice wine and the condensed flavor of fruits.

This product is in line with the recent health awareness. It seems that a wide range of generations, including healthy-minded women, are enjoying it.

南部美人 糖類無添加 梅酒  NanbuーBijin  Sugar-free UmeーShu

By soaking plums in the pure rice sake prepared by “All rice-malt preparation" at a low temperature for a short period of time, the sweetness and umami of the pure rice sake is lively. A clean, easy-to-drink, sugar-free liqueur for adults.

“Nanbu Bijin" flapping from Iwate to the world

In 1997, a voluntary organization, the 日本酒輸出協会Sake Export Association, was established by gathering sake brewers aiming to expand the distribution channels overseas in order to raise the name and spread of sake overseas.

As a result of holding seminars, tastings of sake overseas, and making improvements to the names and labels, NanbuーBijin has become popular in many countries as “Southern Beauty".

In 2013, it was also adopted as an in-flight liquor for overseas airlines “Emirates Airlines" and “Etihad Airways". “NanbuーBijin TokubetsuーJunmaiーShu" is the most award-winning sake in the sake category of the IWC (International Wine Challenge), a global wine competition held every year in London in 2017. Selected as an excellent sake “Champion Sake".

Interest in sake has increased along with Japanese food, and its export volume has been increasing year by year. Currently, They are expanding  sales channels to 34 countries around the world.

南部美人 特別純米酒  NanbuーBijin TokubetsuーjunmaiーShu

This is one of the “Champion Salmon" selected from a total of 1,245 brands in 9 categories at “IWC (International Wine Challenge) 2017".

GinーOtome, a rice suitable for sake brewing produced in Ninohe City, Iwate Prefecture, is polished to 55% and used. You can enjoy the gentle, fruity aroma and the firm taste of rice, which is made from underground water rich in minerals from Orizume Masenkyo. It is a classic sake of NanbuーBijin, brewed with the aim of being the “ultimate in-meal liquor", regardless of how it is drunk or the dish to be combined.


The famous sake “NanbuーBijin" attracts attention not only from Japan but also from all over the world. Why don’t you think about your dream of the world that started from the northern sake brewery?