What kind of sake brand is Azumaichi? 東一


A hybrid sake that is full of commitment! Approaching the charm of Saga’s local sake “Azumaichi"

Do all sake lovers know “Azumaichi" by Gochouda Sake Brewery? Originated in Saga, it has grown into a sake that has fans all over the country.

This time, We would like to focus on this Azumaichi and get closer to the charm of what kind of sake it is and what kind of commitment does it have to offer!


What is Toichi?

Azumaichi’s commitment to “building"

Azumaichi’s News and Awards

What is Toichi?

Azumaichi is a local sake from Saga made by “Gochouda Sake Brewery". Valued for its being “locally loved", It has become a sake that has fans not only in Saga but all over Japan.

The current in position brewer will have a great influence on Azumaichi’s establishment. Meanwhile, Toji is a craftsman who brews sake and is also the supervisor of the brewer.

It is surprising to know that the brewer of  Azumaichi’s point of view onto measuring the process time only by experience that he has cultivated over the years without using any instrument such as a thermometer. When the steamed rice of Ginjo is cooled, it is said that it is cut back by hand while the steam flows in the air. In the brewery, all the brewers, regardless of gender, fan with a large fan, and as the old-fashioned scene is spreading. 

Azumaichi’s commitment to “building"

Machines with the latest technology and Toji’s technology that inherited the tradition. Azumaichi is produced by a hybrid of these two, so it must have a deep taste.

On a particular note before the commitment on ginzukuri. Yeast works well at high temperatures, but Gochoda Sake Brewery dares to stick to low-temperature fermentation. When the temperature is low, it is very difficult to control and the fermentation speed tend to be slow.

However, The brewer dare to challenge the low temperature to grow higher quality of yeast and seriously approach on making good jiuqu.

Commitment to rice

We also have a great deal of commitment to the rice that is used as the basis of sake. Yamada Nishiki used in Azumaichi was originally a variety that is not available in Saga. However, in order to pursue more delicious sake, challenged cultivation and repeated research on seedling raising methods and management of water and fertilizer. As a result, they succeeded in cultivating Yamada Nishiki, which was impossible until then. It has become possible to brew sake using the rice grown by oneself and utilize the knowledge cultivated there.

They carefully carry out each process for rice milling, washing, steaming rice, etc., and continues to maintain the highest quality in the east.

Inherited the knowledge of our predecessors and connects them to the next generation. While connecting its history, it also incorporates the latest theories and research. This good sense of balance is the background behind the creation of the supreme sake called Azumaichi.

Azumaichi News and Awards

Gochouda Sake Brewery has released an article entitled “Azumaichi News". This is written by a representative, Mr. Ippei Segashira, and the main content is the information about sake brewing and stores that handle Azumaichi.

Events such as CRAFT SAKE WEEK 2018 and the Sake Fair, disseminates detailed explanations about the process of making sake are also covered.

We will also inform you when Gochouda Sake Brewery’s sake wins the award.
For example, Azumaichi Junmai Daiginjo and Yamada Nishiki Junmai Ginjo won the gold medal in the Junmai Daiginjo category at KURA MASTER.

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