What kind of sake brand is Hououbiden?


A thorough explanation of the secrets of the deliciousness of the gorgeous and gentle sake “Hououbiden"!

"Hououbiden" is a liquor that feels the gorgeousness and kindness that emanates from the inside like such a woman.

"Hououbiden" is named after Mitamura, the rice-producing region. In addition to good quality water and rice, sake made by gently squeezing without pressure is very high quality.

This time, we will introduce the charm of this gorgeous and gentle sake "Hououbiden"!

Kobayashi Sake Brewery brewing "Hououbiden"

What kind of liquor is Hououbiden?
Product introduction

Kobayashi Sake Brewery brewing “Hououbiden"

Kobayashi Sake Brewery is a sake brewery founded in 1872 (Meiji 5). The warehouse was located in Mita Village, which was blessed with underground water from the Nikko Mountains.
It used to be a small kuramoto that was thought to be closed, but thanks to the efforts of the 5th generation kuramoto, it is now one of the most popular kuramotos in the national district. In recent years, it has been featured in the media such as newspapers, television, and magazines, and in the 2013 "Tenman Tenjin Umeshu Tournament Liqueur Division", "Hououbiden Ripe Momo" won the championship, and "Hououbiden" The popularity is accelerating.
It is said that the liquor of Phoenix Mita, which has a gentle mouth and a clean taste, was born after trial and error in pursuit of "liquor that is easy to drink and understand" and "liquor that pleases the drinker". Kobayashi Sake Brewery makes sake that makes the drinker happy, instead of imposing its own sake. Expectations are high for further success as to what kind of sake will be served in the future.

What kind of liquor is Hououbiden?

"Hououbiden" with a gorgeous scent and a solid umami. Where does the deliciousness come from?
Its characteristics are mainly in "rice", "squeezing method" and "quality control".

Here, I would like to explore the reasons for the deliciousness of "Hououbiden" from three perspectives.
■ High-quality rice grown in the rich rice fields of Tochigi
Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, where Kobayashi Sake Brewery, which makes "Phoenix Mita," is located, is benefiting from abundant water sources such as Omoigawa and Kinugawa, and beautiful rice fields are spreading.
Although not all products, some of the "Hououbiden" use abundant sake rice such as "Kamenoo" and "Wakamizu" that are harvested locally, and it can be said that the taste of the area is exactly expressed. ..
"Kamenoo", which is difficult to cultivate, is rice that does not have a heart white (the central part of rice) and requires considerable skill to be used as sake rice. On the other hand, it is said that delicious sake can be made because of its low protein content.

"Wakasui" is a variety that is a descendant of the rice, and is as delicious as Yamada Nishiki.
■ Gently squeezed taste without any unpleasant taste
When squeezing sake, we usually use an automated machine to squeeze the sake all at once. However, "Hoobiden" is a sake that is gently squeezed by a method called "boat squeezing" or "drop squeezing".
"Fune squeezing" is a traditional squeezing method that has been used for a long time. It is a method of squeezing mashed cloth bags side by side and applying pressure from above. Since it is gently squeezed for about two days, you can enjoy the original taste of sake without any unpleasant taste.
"Shizuku squeezing" is a method of putting mash in a sake bag and hanging it to collect only the naturally falling drops. Since it cannot be produced in large quantities, it is mainly used when making sake for the sake exhibited at the appraisal. The sake made by this method has a clear and delicate taste.
Kobayashi Sake Brewery, which makes "Phoenix Mita," squeezes sake using either of these two methods, so all of them are of high quality.
■ Discerning quality control
When fermenting sake, there is a tank called a thermal tank for temperature control. In most cases, there are only one or two bottles in a normal brewery, but in Kobayashi Sake Brewery, the number is about 20.
Not limited to high-class sake such as Daiginjo sake, all sake is brewed in a thermal tank and thorough quality control is carried out.

It is said that "let a cute child travel", but Hououbiden is a princess, so to speak, made with plenty of delicious local sake rice and carefully made like Ginjo Sake and Daiginjo Sake. It's like sake.
Moreover, we are particular about the fact that all alcoholic beverages are treated in that way.

Product introduction

Hououbiden Junmai Daiginjo Sake Yamada Nishiki 50% Shine

First of all, from Junmai Daiginjo Sake. Yamada Nishiki, which is suitable for sake brewing, is ground to a rice polishing rate of 50% and then slowly brewed at a low temperature. It is characterized by the fruitiness of Yamada Nishiki Tokufu and the rich umami that spreads in the mouth.

You can enjoy a different taste depending on whether you choose a well-balanced "burning" or a fruity "sake".

Hououbiden Junmai Daiginjo Sake Shizukushishi Red

The red size is even more expensive than Junmai Daiginjo Sake. Yamada Nishiki is ground to a rice polishing rate of 40%, giving it a smooth, melon-like, elegant and gorgeous aroma.

The taste is refreshing and has a beautiful impression. It is the highest peak of sake.

Hououbiden Black Phoenix Unfiltered Honsei

Explanation from the appearance "Black phoenix" uses Aiyama mustard rice. Aiyama is sour rice, but black phoenix has a good sour taste and a refined taste. From the lively and glamorous gains, it does not give the energy of the Phenix (Phoenix).

The label with a sense of luxury looks good as a gift.

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