What kind of sake brand is Aramasa?


A revolutionary child in the sake world! ?? Thorough explanation of the charm of “Aramasa"

In recent years, young Mori has returned to the local sake brewery and continues to take on the challenge of making new sake. Many sake breweries are based on a tradition that has a long history and has been passed down from generation to generation, and it has been said that it is difficult to make new efforts or innovate.

However, recent sake is actively making innovative efforts and starting a new sake brewing for the world.

The sake industry is getting a lot of attention right now, but what you should particular pay attention to is the brewery "Aramasa Sake Brewery" in Akita City, Akita Prefecture. If you like sake, you may have heard of this "Aramasa".

This time, We will introduce the charm of this "Aramasa".


What is Aramasa?
The charm of "Aramasa"
"Aramasa" with various types

What is Aramasa?

“Aramasa Sake Brewery" was born in the 5th year of Kaei (1852). It was founded by the first person named Uhei Sato.
Since that time, it has been a hot topic for producing sake of excellent quality, and it is known as a brewery that is very much loved by the locals.

The origin of the name of Aramasa is the “Aramasa Aramasa" that was advocated by the Meiji government at that time. As the name “Make a new festival with thick virtue", “Aramasa" has become a popular sake brewery with many fans all over the country.

The charm of “Aramasa"

By the way, Aramasa is still a very popular sake, but what on earth is it so good?

Charm 1 “Kyokai Yeast" was created by oneself
The secret is the existence of yeast called “Kyokai Yeast". This is a “nationally certified yeast" that has been collected and certified by the “National Brewing Experiment Station" and is approved and marketed by the Brewing Society of Japan.

The aim is to stably produce excellent sake by collecting excellent yeast from various studies, breweries and culturing it. There are already quite a few yeasts themselves, but this yeast “No. 6" is the yeast produced by Aramasa.

This yeast, which was discovered in the mash of raw mash, was discovered during the 5th generation: Ubei Sato, who was studying brewing science.

It is known as a yeast that can make very aromatic sake that can be fermented at low temperatures. This yeast is still being protected while being brushed up, and is used in series such as “Aramasa NO6".

Charm 2 We are particular about making raw sardines
The reason why Aramasa is said to be attractive is that it is particular about making raw sardines.
While many sakes are brewed using yeast called “fast-brewed yeast," we value the production of raw sake, which takes several times longer by hand, and it is attractive to make sake with a solid taste. It is said that.

Even though he is a young Mori, it is said that it is revolutionary that he is still brewing sake with a focus on quality, not on the principle of efficiency first!

Attractiveness of “Aramasa": Continuing to challenge
Currently, Yusuke Sato, the eighth generation, is in charge of “Aramasa". Although Aramasa has gained fame, the fact that it continues to take on new challenges every year has become a hot topic in the industry.

They are continuing activities that are spreading the culture of sake to the younger generation and the world, such as starting to make sake using natural yeast with a brewery and starting educational activities to spread raw sourdough.

Furthermore, they are particular about additive-free, and do not use alcohol-correcting agents or fermentation aids. In this era when you can easily make delicious sake, the appeal of Aramasa is that you dare to keep the traditional manufacturing method.

“Aramasa" with various types

Aramasa No.6 X-type [Junmai Daiginjo Raw Sake]

There are various types of “Aramasa" sake. Among them, the one we recommend is “Aramasa No. 6 X-type [Junmai Daiginjo Seigenshu] Glitter Label".
This one is characterized by a shining label of “6", but it is a very smooth drink with a sake degree of ± 0.

The aftertaste is very smooth, and the aroma is fruity, which is a taste that women will appreciate. If you want to know the charm of Aramasa, first try it once. Please give it a try.

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