What kind of sake brand is Kameizumi? 亀泉


Tosa’s Japan sake that takes advantage of nature’s blessings! Approaching the charm of “Kameizumi"

“Kameizumi" benefits the nature of Kochi Prefecture

The persistent aftertaste and the smooth sweetness are very well-balanced and deep.

This time, We would like to approach the charm of Kameizumi!


What is “Kamezumi Sake Brewery"?

About Kamezumi

Recommended variations of “Kameizumi" 


What is “Kamezumi Sake Brewery"?

Kamezumi Sake Brewery, which brews Kamezumi, aims to make Japanese sake that is naturally convincing more than anything else.

Thoughts of Kamezumi Sake Brewery

Kamezumi Sake Brewery is a brewery located in Tosa City, Kochi Prefecture, where the nature is abundant.

Tosa City has a beautiful Hasuke River and Mt. Hasuke, which is rich in nature, making it a perfect place for sake brewing.

Kamezumi Sake Brewery is proud to say that it is grateful for the nature of Kochi Prefecture and continues to protect it. This feeling for nature supports Kamezumi.

The motto of sake brewing is “delicious", “fun" and “interesting"!

Kamezumi Sake Brewery seems to be particular about “delicious" sake brewing.

While overcoming many failures and difficulties until now, the motto of “delicious", “fun" and “interesting" is that he continues to face Japan sake until he is satisfied. So, how is Kamezumi Sake Brewery’s sake made, which makes it fun to enjoy sake brewing and makes it a pleasure for customers to say that it is delicious?

About Kamezumi

Underground water that does not wither even in drought

The water prepared for the Kamesen is the water from the spring that has been springing up without drying out from the time of the change of attendance in the Edo period to the present. This fountain never dried even in the Edo period, so it was also called the “Mannen no Izumi" (Spring of All Years)  at that time. The spring is still in the storehouse and is being used with great care.

The water itself is slightly sweet and has a gentle throat. Because such water continues to spring, Kamezumi can continue to brew sake.

Prefecture’s own rice suitable for sake brewing

Against the backdrop of the recent boom in local sake, we are in an era where “the uniqueness of the prefecture’s sake" is being questioned.

Therefore, there was a growing demand for rice suitable for sake brewing, which is unique to the prefecture, and the trend was to use delicious Tosa rice for sake brewing. Kamezumi Sake Brewery is one of the sake breweries that started making this trend in Kochi Prefecture.

The Kochi Prefecture Sake Rice Study Group was established in 1988, and as a result of research up to the present, various rice suitable for sake brewing from Kochi Prefecture has been born.

“Tosa Nishiki," “Gin no Yume," and “Kaze Naruko" were born as the rice used by Kamezumi.
We aim to make delicious sake with rice while using “Yamada Nishiki, Hyogo Prefecture", which is the best rice for sake brewing in Japan.

The taste of Kamezumi

The biggest feature of Kamezumi is its refreshing aftertaste.
The sake has a good balance of aroma and taste and sharpness, so it does not persist in the mouth and you can drink it more and more.

It combines sourness, sweetness, bitterness, and umami, so you can drink slowly and enjoy the harmony! It’s also good to drink seafood and squid that goes well with Kamezumi! It is a sake that can be enjoyed in various ways.

Recommended variations of “Kameizumi" 

亀泉 純米酒 Kameizumi Junmaishu

Rice from Kochi prefecture! Water from Kochi prefecture! Yeast from Kochi prefecture! All pure rice sake from Kochi prefecture.

It is a very well-balanced sake, and you can experience a unified view of the world without any discomfort in the impression you can feel from the aroma and the feel when you put it in your mouth.

A fruity aroma reminiscent of grapes spreads, and you can enjoy the exquisite harmony of acidity and bitterness, subtle sweetness and umami from the aroma.

亀泉酒造 特別純米酒 Kamezumi Sake Brewery Special Junmai Sake

It is a special pure rice sake that won the first prize in the pure rice sake category of the 2008 Autumn National Liquor Contest.

Using Tosa Nishiki from Kochi prefecture, it has a sweet and deep taste. The aftertaste is refreshing so you won’t get tired of drinking it. It is recommended to have it at room temperature or cold.


Kochi’s nature, a spring that springs up, and a famous sake, Kamezumi, created by insatiable research on rice. It feels like a deep sake because it has inherited the taste while being grateful for nature for a long time.

By all means, please enjoy Kochi’s blessings of nature while thoroughly enjoying Kamezumi!