What kind of sake brand is 初孫 Hatsu Mago?


The ultimate sake that is thoroughly made with raw ingredients! The charm of Yamagata’s famous sake “Hatsu Mago"

Today, We would like to introduce Yamagata’s famous sake “Hatsu Mago".

This sake, which is filled with the desire to make sake that is loved and pleased by everyone, has various commitments!

Let’s get closer to the charm of “Hatsu Mago" !!!


What is a “Hatsu Mago"?

What is “Tohoku Meijo"?

Recommended “Hatsumago" series


What is a “Hatsu Mago"?

“Hatsu Mago" is a local sake that represents Yamagata made by “Tohoku Meijo" in Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture. 

As the name suggests, it is very popular as a gift to occasions such as the birthday celebration of the first grandchild, and boasts a high reputation as “auspicious sake".  

● We are particular about making 生酛造り Kimoto Zukuri(raw sardines)

The specialty of the brewery is they brew using the traditional technique “Kimoto Making" since its establishment. 

Hatu Mago can also be connected with Kimoto Zukuri. The possibility of Kimoto Zukuri utilizes the method of bacteria that utilize the preservation.

It would take a lot of patience to grind rice and rice koji favored by lactic acid bacteria, which is considerable hard work.
The brewery adopted to quick-brewing to which lactic acid bacteria (good bacteria) are added, it seems that it is rare that they continue to keep the manufacturing method that protects tradition in this way. 

● Quality  control

While adhering to the traditional manufacturing method of Kimoto Zukuri, it is also characterized by making good use of advanced technology. For example, measurement, temperature control, process control, etc. are thoroughly controlled by introducing mechanization.

By carefully making full use of craftsmanship by human hands and modern advanced technology, we have achieved both efficiency and stable quality. 

● The taste that is not like 生酛 Kimoto(raw sardines) is popular!!!

Kimoto Zukuri sake brewing uses natural lactic acid bacteria in the process, characterized by being easy to become a powerful liquor with a slightly sour taste. However, you can create various flavors by slightly arranging the recipe and manufacturing method with “Kimoto Zukuri making".

In fact, the first grandchild can enjoy a variety of flavors, from powerful sake derived from raw sake to light and fruity sake!. One of the reasons why “first grandchildren" are so popular is that you can enjoy different tastes depending on the product.

You should be able to find your favorite sake!

What is “Tohoku Meijo"?

It is a sake brewery that was built in the 26th year of the Meiji era as a “Tohoku Meiji brewery" that brews “Hatsu Mago". Sake brewing begins when the first generation, who ran a shipping wholesaler, learned sake brewing techniques and launched a brand called “Kinkyu".

After that, when the eldest son was born of the owner at that time, the name was changed to Sakaname “Hatsu Mago" with the desire to “make it a sake loved and appreciated by everyone", and the name became known throughout the country. 

Recommended “Hatsu Mago" series

●初孫 伝承生酛 Hatsu Mago Denshou Kimoto

It is a sake characterized by a strong, firm and rich taste that is typical of Kimoto sake.

You can enjoy it even if you like it, so it is recommended even in the cold season!. It goes well with Oden and Katsuo(bonito)Tataki.

●初孫 魔斬 純米本辛口 Hatsu Mago Mazan Junmaimoto Honkarakuchi(Dry)

Junmai sake made by polishing “Miyama Nishiki" from Yamagata prefecture to a rice polishing rate of 55%.

It is characterized by its sharpness and a deep yet refreshing taste.

I could drink even if I was not good at sake! The dry pure rice sake was so refreshing that some people said on the internet. It doesn’t interfere with cooking, so it goes great with Japanese food!


Some sake lovers may not be good at making Kimotozukuri sake, but if you are a “Hatsu Mago", you may find your favorite taste!

If you have never drank it, please try it once.