What kind of sake brand is Kamokinnshu? 賀茂金秀


This is the best sake in cost performance ! The charm of Hiroshima’s famous sake “Kamokinshu"

This time, we will introduce Hiroshima’s sake “Kamokinshu".

Recommending this sake as one of the daily uses that you can enjoy on a daily basis!
This is because the Kamokinshu series is a wallet-friendly sake that you can enjoy at a relatively reasonable price while having the solid ability to win a gold medal at the sake appraisal.

Delicious sake is cheap! ?? .. If you have the money, you can use it as a side dish to enrich your evening drink life, and you will have the best cycle!

Now, let’s get closer to the charm of “Kamokinshu".


What is “kamokinshu"?

What is “Kanemitsu Sake Brewery" that brews “kamokinshu"?

This is the best sake in cost performanc! The charm of Hiroshima’s famous sake “Kamokinshu"

What is “kamokinshu"?

“kamokinshuKinshu" is a sake brewed by Kanemitsu Sake Brewery. With the passage of time, Kanemitsu Sake Brewery is a brand that was completed in 2003 with a focus on handmade sake to brew sake with “individuality".

Although the brand is still in its infancy, it has won numerous awards such as the gold medal at the National New Sake Appraisal. Moreover, the price is relatively reasonable. It is very popular as a sake that you can easily drink every day.

What is “Kanemitsu Sake Brewery" that brews “kamokinshu"?

“Kanemitsu Sake Brewery" is a brewery in Kurose-cho, Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, which was founded in 1880.

He says he has a great deal of attention to water, such as using very clear well water with low iron content for everything from washing to rice washing and preparation.

Rice is 100% domestically produced rice, and Jiuqu rice is suitable for sake brewing. The most used varieties are Omachi and Hattannishiki.
Senbon Nishiki is mainly used for Daiginjo and Junmai Daiginjo, and Yamada Nishiki is made in Zoka, Takaya-cho, Higashi-Hiroshima City, and some of them are specially cultivated with reduced pesticides and fertilizers.

Many of our special sakes have won various awards at the appraisal, despite their reasonable prices. Everyone will recognize that ability.

Kanemitsu Sake Brewery will continue to brew sake with the mission of “providing emotion and comfort to customers who drink it and expanding encounters with people by making sake with sincerity."
On the next page, we will introduce the standard brands !!!!

This is the best sake in cost performanc! The charm of Hiroshima’s famous sake “Kamokinshu"

“Kamokinshu" series

Kamokinshu Special Pure Rice

Akaiwa Omachi from Okayama, the finest brand of Omachi, is used. Kamokinshu’s standard that balances the swelling of the taste unique to Omachi and the sharpness of Hattan Nishiki. It is characterized by a fresh taste that is just like new sake.

Kamokinshu Special Junmai Raw Sake 13alc.

Although it is raw sake, it has a low alcohol content of 13 degrees. Still, it is a juicy and easy-to-drink liquor with a strong rice taste.
A fresh and comfortable one with a natural CO2 gas feeling that is slightly dissolved during fermentation.

Kamokinshu Junmai Ginjo Omachi

You can enjoy the gorgeous and refreshing aroma produced by Kumamoto yeast and the deep taste of sake brewed rice and Omachi rice. It has a fresh and mellow taste, so it goes well with meals.

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