What kind of sake brand is Tedorigawa?手取川


Good sake made from the famous water! The charm of the famous sake “Tedorigawa" produced by Ishikawa Prefecture

Speaking of Japan ancient sake, it is probably Japan sake. Depending on the region and brewery, sweet and dry and their characteristics also vary.

Sake is made all over the country, but among them, the Hokuriku region is a region where sake production is active! A sake that takes advantage of the rich nature is made.

Introducing this time is “Tedorigawa", which has a kuramoto in Hokuriku and Ishikawa prefectures. If you like sake, you may have heard the name once.


Ishikawa Prefecture’s famous sake “Tedorigawa"

History of Yoshida Sake Brewery that builds “Tedorigawa"

Features of Yoshida Sake Brewery

Ishikawa Prefecture’s famous sake “Tedorigawa"

In addition to “Junmai Daiginjo", “Tedorigawa" is a sake with various lineups. First of all, We would like to approach the secret of the taste.

◆ Prepared water and sake rice

The water prepared in the Tedorigawa is the water of the Tedorigawa in “Hakusan", which is said to be a sacred mountain and is worshiped.

Hakusan is also known as the highest mountain that stretches from Hokuriku to Gifu prefecture. Since it is an active volcano, the water veins are hard water containing a lot of minerals. This water quality is said to be optimal for sake brewing and has a great influence on the taste of the Tedorigawa.

In addition to the standard “Yamada Nishiki", sake rice uses “Gohyakumangoku" made in Ishikawa Prefecture. hence, it seems that they also use sake rice “Ishikawamon", which is specially made to make  sake delicious.

◆ Tedorigawa taste

The characteristic of sake in Ishikawa prefecture is that it is rich and relatively sweet. “Tedorigawa" is no exception to this, and it is a tasty sake with a slightly sweet feel, because it has a strong taste, it can be combined with a wide range of foods, from refreshing fish dishes to fatty pork.

Surprisingly, you can also pick up fermented foods such as cheese and drink it deliciously. The taste of sake changes depending on the temperature, but it is recommended to drink “Tedorigawa" a little cold or warmer than normal temperature.

History of Yoshida Sake Brewery that builds “Tedorigawa" 

Tedorigawa is a sake made by “Yoshida Sake Brewery" which opened in Yamajima Village, Ishikawa Prefecture in 1870.

Yamajima Village is one of Japan’s leading breweries with all the conditions for making delicious sake, which is a famous production area of ​​rice suitable for sake brewing, with many liquor stores, and sake brewing was actively carried out. However, due to the Great Depression, all liquor stores other than “Yoshida Sake Brewery" were closed. The remaining “Yoshida Sake Brewery" continues to make delicious sake by sticking to the old-fashioned manufacturing method in order to pass on the traditions and techniques of Yamajima Village to the younger generation.

Features of Yoshida Sake Brewery

Yoshida Sake Brewery values ​​such a tradition, but on the other hand, it is making innovative attempts. That is the “2 warehouse system".

This is a system in which a Toji is placed in each of the two breweries. There are sake breweries that have multiple branches, but it is a very rare system to separate the Toji.

Each brewery is named after the Toji. The first brewery is “山本蔵 Yamamoto Kura" made by a traditional method. The other is “吉田蔵 Yoshida Kura" managed by a young employee, Yukinari Yoshida.

In this way, “Yoshida Sake Brewery" is making efforts day and night to make sake that has evolved further by balancing tradition and innovation. These efforts have led to high praise from sake fans.

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