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The secret to the deliciousness of “Tama no Hikari" produced by Tamanoko Sake Brewery

Currently, “Junmai Sake" is loved by many sake fans. But did you know Tamanoko Sake Brewery revived Junmai Ginjo?? 

In the olden days, due to the shortage of rice, the mainstream was sake called “Al-so-shu," which was made by adding brewed alcohol and sugar, but nowadays, “junmai-shu" is also enjoyed by many.

Introducing this time, “Tama no Hikari" brewed by Tamanoko Sake Brewery is a pure rice sake that has been revived ahead of the industry.


About “Tama no Hikari Sake Brewery"

The secret to the deliciousness of Tama no Hikari

Recommended variations of Tama no Hikari 


About “Tama no Hikari Sake Brewery"                                                                          

Tama no Hikri is a sake produced by Tamanomitsu Sake Brewery in Fushimi, Kyoto.

Tama no Hikari shuzo was born in 1673 (the first year of Enpo). ,It’s has been a long-established brewery for 340 years, making it a historic place.

A brewery that revived Junmaishu earlier than anywhere else

As mentioned above, Tama no Hikari Sake Brewery is a meritorious brewery in the Japanese sake world who revived “Junmai Sake" ahead of any other sake brewery. Due to the shortage of rice during the war and the impact of the profit improvement measures taken by manufacturers after the war, 80% of sake is still said to be “alcoholic sake" with alcohol added. It is said that Junmai Sake requires about 1.8 times as much rice as Al-Sake, and it was very difficult to sell it considering the cost and price. However, due to Tamano Koshuzo’s passion for hot Junmai sake, he succeeded in reviving it.

Tama no Hikari shuzo only makes Junmai Ginjo and Junmai Daiginjo. The brewery that continues to manufacture only these two is unique in Japan. Half a century has passed since the revival of Junmaishu in 1964, but now Junmai Ginjo and Junmai Daiginjo have become widely known and popular with people.

Tama no Hikari Sake Brewery will continue to make delicious sake using traditional methods while valuing the benefits of nature.

The secret to the deliciousness of Tama no Hikari

Sake brewing that is particular about pure rice sake

“Tama no Hikari" believes that “sake made only with rice", which has been around since the Heian period is the original sake, and we continue to stick to it.

We are particular about rice and water as raw materials without using additives. We use “Bizen Omachi", which is said to be a phantom sake rice, “Yamada Nishiki" (the king of sake rice), and “Iwai", a sake rice born in Kyoto. Every spring, sake brewers goes to the rice fields for raw rice and witness rice planting.

Harvested rice is checked based on the strict standards of sake brewing, and rice that does not meet the standards is not used.

In addition, Fushimi in Kyoto is a place blessed with groundwater so that it is the etymology of “Fushimi". Currently, it is a famous water that has been selected as one of the “100 Selected Japanese Waters" by the Ministry of the Environment. It seems that this groundwater in Fushimi, Kyoto is used for the water used in all processes of manufacturing Tama no Hikari.

Tama no Hikari is a carefully selected sake that is manufactured using only the blessings of nature.

Polishing rice by hand

Tama no Hikari Sake Brewery manually polishes rice using a special roller so that it goes against the current mechanization era. This rice milling process alone takes 30 to 48 hours!

Manual work is by no means an efficient method. However, it is the sake brewing that the brewery believes that Tama no Hikari Sake Brewery does this rice milling work by itself.

Recommended variations of Tamano Hikari 

純米大吟醸 酒鵬 Junmai Daiginjo Shuho

Junmai Daiginjo was made with the idea that “I want you to drink Junmai Daiginjo more easily." You can feel the sweetness and sourness just right, and can enjoy the elegant taste of rice.

純米吟醸 祝 Junmai Ginjo Iwai(Celebration)

“Junmai Ginjo Iwai" brewed using 100% of Kyoto sake rice “Celebration" that was revived with the cooperation of farmers.

The sweetness and sourness are in perfect harmony with the ginjo incense that faintly escapes into the nose to bring out the umami. Not only the name but also the package is gorgeous, so it is recommended as a gift for each celebration.


“Tama no Hikari" manufactured by Tama no Hikari Sake Brewery was the secret of its goodness due to its commitment to raw materials and careful manual work.

It takes a lot of time and effort to continue making pure rice sake, but that is probably the brewery’s commitment that they will not change.

Highly recommended that you try Tama no Hikari" with your own tongue, which is full of craftsmanship?

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