What kind of sake brand is Kikutaka?菊鷹


Is it delicious as time goes by? The charm of the famous sake “Kikutaka" produced by young Toji Katsuaki Yamamoto

Do you know the sake “Kikutaka" brewed in Aichi prefecture?

This product is said to be more delicious as the taste becomes more mellow as time goes by, with the development of only one box. What kind of sake is “Kikutaka" where you can enjoy the change of taste?

We will thoroughly explain its charm.


What is “Kikutaka"?

What is Katsuaki Yamamoto, the parent of “Kikutaka"?

What is “Kikutaka"?

Kikutaka is a sake brewed at “Fujiichi Sake Brewery" in Inazawa City, Aichi Prefecture.
Anyway, it has a good reputation for its heavy and full-bodied taste that you can feel the umami.

Despite the fact that only about 6 years have passed since the brand was revived, it is a sake that has been steadily gaining popularity while gaining stable fans. 

What is Fujiichi Sake Brewery?

Fujiichi Sake Brewery was founded in 1872.  It manufactures shochu, mirin, and port wine, and it seems that the production of mirin for the local market was active before. 

Inazawa City is blessed with high-quality underground water from the Kiso River, and is an important raw material for expressing a soft mouthfeel. 

Yamada Nishiki (special rice) from Hyogo Prefecture, Gohyakumangoku from Toyama Prefecture, Yumenishiki from Hyogo Prefecture, Fukunohana from Hyogo Prefecture, and Wakamizu from Aichi Prefecture are used as raw materials. 

The taste of “Kikutaka"

The taste of Kikutaka is overwhelming. It’s delicious and heavy. 

The status is +10.0 for sake and 2.7 for acidity, so I imagine it is dry, but when you put it in your mouth, it has a sweet taste, and the acidity is sweet and sour with a refreshing aroma like citrus fruits. The high-quality underground water of the Kiso River is buying this soft mouthfeel at once! 

The  lineup size of “Kikutaka" is only “Ichimokubo (1800ml)". 

Mr. Yamamoto, who is the brewer, sells only one bottle that you can relax because “I want you to enjoy the change in taste for a week or two after opening."

The brewer, himself says, “Our sake is not delicious at all when it is opened" (of course, it is delicious even if it is opened), but we were told that we want you to enjoy the change in taste that is aged so much and becomes round. 

What is Katsuaki Yamamoto, the parent of “Kikutaka"?

Although used in the olden days, “Kikutaka" was a brand that was no longer used at that time. However, the person who revived it is Katsuaki Yamamoto, the current head of “Fujiichi Sake Brewery".

Even though he is still young, he became famous because of the sake called “Yamamoto Special" at the sake brewery in Osaka before he took office as Fujiichi Sake Brewery, and he has gained a lot of fans.

History of Mr. Katsuaki Yamamoto

Mr. Yamamoto joined Ikemoto Sake Brewery in Shiga Prefecture (such as “Biwa’s Longevity") and Saijo Joint Stock Company in Osaka Prefecture.

Since Fujiichi Sake Brewery has been brewing sake from the mountain abandonment for a long time, Mr. Kato, the managing director, was looking for a brewer who can prepare the mountain abandonment. Mr. Katsuaki Yamamoto had experience of abandoning the mountain, so he decided to join Fujiichi Sake Brewery.

Before joining Fujiichi Sake Brewery, he was in the second position after the current brewer at the time, who was called “Head", in the brewery in Osaka.

However, Mr. Katsuaki Yamamoto made an item called “Yamamoto Special" when he was heading, and despite being a head, he gained fans and became famous.

“Humming Bird" is not just a heavy drink

The “Kikutaka Team" led by Katsuaki Yamamoto has a lot of momentum and is respected by fans as “the strongest team!".
One of the interesting achievements is “Kikutaka-Humming Bird". Kikutaka basically has a heavy taste. Therefore, Hummingbird was born with the intention of expanding the frontage.

It is characterized by its sweet aroma and fresh fruity acidity, and the refreshing taste spreads in the mouth.
It can be said that the hummingbird, which is a very small and pretty bird, shows how it is flying with many wings.

The reason why the name is Hummingbird is related to Mr. Katsuaki Yamamoto’s hobby. There is a song called “Humming Bird" in a certain singer’s song, and that was Mr. Yamamoto’s favorite song at that time.

It’s not a safe sake brewing, but the brewer who continues the challenge of aggressive sake brewing!

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