What kind of sake brand is Hama Chidori?浜千鳥


Bring out the nature of sake brewing! Thorough explanation of the charm of Iwate’s famous sake “Hama Chidori"

As a memory of the hometown, “Hama Chidori" that aims to make sake that will leave a strong impact.

Hama Chidori is almost always available at convenience stores in Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture, where the sake brewery is located.

Here, we will thoroughly explain the charm of “Hama Chidori"!


What is “Hama Chidori"?

What is “Hama Chidori Co., Ltd."

What is “Hama Chidori Co., Ltd."

What is “Hama Chidori"?

Hama Chidori is a sake produced by Hama Chidori Co., Ltd. in Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture. It has a smooth texture in the mouth, is sharp and sweet. Then, what kind of thought does sake brewing make Hama Chidori?

Sake that expresses the scenery of the brewery with sake

Hama Chidori Co., Ltd. is made with the aim of making sake that goes well with the dishes of the town, making the best use of the things in the town.

Sake grown in the local environment can be a “scenery" in itself, just like the mountains and forests of the area, or the hustle and bustle of the city in the center of a city.  It grows in the land, becomes a sake that grows the land, and can continue to make sake that is naturally united by taking advantage of the locality. And it is “Hama Chidori" that is trying to express the unique “scenery" of the warehouse.

Made in close contact with the locals

The water used for Hama Chidori is underground water from Senbanyama in the Kitakami Mountains, which is soft and soft to the touch.
The underground water of Mt. Senban in the Kitakami Mountains is also called Senban secret water, and its delicate taste greatly contributes to the taste of Hama Chidori.

In addition to “Yamada Nishiki" and “Miyama Nishiki", which are suitable for sake brewing, they also use local rice such as “Yu no Kaori" and “Ginginga", which are original varieties of Iwate prefecture.

Hama Chidori Co., Ltd. is engaged in sake brewing that is closely related to the region, such as actively communicating with local farmers and visiting them.

As mentioned above, they are aiming to make sake that makes the best use of the things in the town.

What is “Hama Chidori Co., Ltd."

It was founded in 1923 as “Kamaishi Sake Brewing Company" in Kamaishi-cho, Kamihei-gun, Iwate Prefecture. About 40 years later, in 1968, the brewery was relocated in search of even better water.

In 2003, the company name will be changed from “Kamaishi Sake Brewing Company" to the current “Hama Chidori Co., Ltd."

Lots of events

Throughout the year, events sponsored by “Hama Chidori" such as “Hama Chidori Enjoyment Party" and “Sake Brewing Experience School" are held.

The “Hama Chidori Enjoyment Party" aims to enjoy the harmony of dishes made with Iwate ingredients and Hama Chidori sake, and you can enjoy various Hama Chidori lineups with celebrity guests. 

The “Sake Brewing Experience" is held four times a year every season, and you can experience rice planting in spring, rice harvesting in autumn, preparation in winter, and squeezing and jarring.

There are many open event projects that the general public can participate in, so if you want to know more about Hama Chidori, why don’t you join us?

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