What kind of sake brand is 荷札酒 Nifudaーzake(Tag , Label Sake)?


Approaching the charm of the popular brand “NifudaーZake" produced by the historic Niigata sake brewery “KamoーNishiki Sake Brewery"

If you know the history of sake breweries and your feelings for sake, you should feel that sake is even more delicious!

This time, we would like to introduce the charms of Niigata’s sake brewery “KamoーNishiki Sake Brewery" and the company’s representative sake “NifudaーZake".


What is the traditional innovator “KamoーNishiki"?

矜持Kyoji(Pride) as an innovator, aiming for sake that goes well with meals

KamoーNishiki Sake Brewery is also available! Introducing an attractive lineup!



What is the traditional innovator “KamoーNishiki"?

Why praise KamoーNishiki Sake Brewery as a “traditional innovator"? Of course, there is a reason for that.

Founded in 1893 (Meiji 26). KamoーNishiki Sake Brewery is located in Kamo City, which is located in the center of Niigata Prefecture.

Kamo City is dotted with historical shrines and temples, and is called the Little Kyoto of Hokuetsu because of its historic architecture and magnificent nature.

Most of the land that stretches from east to west is forest. In the east, the highest peak, Awagadake, rises high, and the Kamo River, which has a rich water source, runs through the city and divides into two, forming an alluvial fan.

In Niigata, which is said to have abundant water, beautiful air, and rice, if it becomes a brewery that has been in business for over 120 years, it can be said that it is one of the longest-established stores in this area. Even though it is such a historic brewery, it is named as an innovator because it has always been searching for “the way sake should be".

Sake is Japanese beverage. Sake has taken root in the Japanese life at the table. It begins to change gradually with globalization. The change in Japan after the war was tremendous, with its speed and scale.

Is it a change in Japanese food or a change in Japanese eating habits? The westernization of eating habits did not make alcohol an exception.

矜持Kyoji(Pride) as an innovator, aiming for sake that goes well with meals

The company’s homepage is as follows.

Since its establishment in Kamo City, Niigata Prefecture in 1893, Kamonishiki Brewery has been popular among the local people as representative of their area. Today the lifestyle surrounding sake is changing rapidly, especially since the food we eat has become more and more diverse.
The word Gohan originally meant only rice, but has taken on the more general meaning of meal.
Likewise the word Osake used to be the word for sake alone, but now it also means any kind of alcoholic drink. We take great effort to make the best sake for such a diverse dietary life.
We may be small and limited in our output and production, yet we are proud of our work.

It’s not a big brewery, but this timeless and innovative way of thinking may be the reason why it’s still loved after more than 120 years.

I don’t end my sake brewing with self-satisfaction, I just enjoy the fact that someone who drinks it feels delicious.

What is KamoーNishiki’s new sake brand “Nifuda-Zake"?

“Nifuda-Zake" is a sake brand of “KamoーNishiki Sake Brewery" that was born from the 2015 sake brewing year to be double-headed with KamoーNishiki. It is sold to distributors specializing in sake nationwide.

This branding was actually done by Yuichi Tanaka, the successor to the young kuramoto. Innovative and innovative branding, which is due to the traditional “KamoーNishiki", has been attracting attention due to the recent boom in sake.

Nifuda-Zake, raw sake and raw stuffed sake from Junmai Daiginjo Sake. Since it is only sold by distributors, it is not sold directly at the brewery, and it is not sold by mail order from the brewery’s internet. That’s why the special feeling stands out.

In addition, data such as sake specifications, rice milling rate, rice used, yeast number, etc. are described on one tag and shipped. This also gained popularity, making a clear distinction from traditional sake labels.

Brilliant promotion strategy

The turning point of “KamoーNishiki Sake Brewery" was in the 2000s. In 2008 (Heisei 20), the manufacturing department was relocated to Akiha Ward, Niigata City, and young brewers gathered to start a new sake brewing.

With this as a trigger, the “KamoーNishiki" logo mark from the founding was renewed. I asked the designer to change it to a novel one.
In addition, we launched a new brand “Nifuda-Zake" and promoted it.

It’s not a big advertisement, but a way to appeal to people. A marketing strategy that reminds us of the background of “knowing everyone who knows", which is close to word of mouth.

This was a big boost to the new brand, even if it wasn’t intentional. This is because sake lovers paid attention to it as a sake they wanted to drink at least once. It can be said that the sales strategy is also well-developed. It works because they didn’t sell Nifuda-Zake online. Originally, it is not a large brewery, so production is limited.

That’s why sales are limited to distributors specializing in sake → The fun of the sake is dealt with greatly in sake specialty books and sites specializing in sake → Aiming to be a liquor store where sake lovers who read it have the same sake A “good flow" was born so that everything would end in a win-win relationship.

Keep up with the sake era!

Of course, we are taking steps to keep up with the success of sake that is booming around the world.

All websites are written in both English and Japanese. This is a signpost for foreigners visiting Japan to enjoy sake, and it can be said that it is equivalent to expanding the market to the world. It can be said that we are paying attention not only to the improvement of sake itself, but also to the way it is sold.

What is the difference in the aroma and taste of sake due to the difference in the combination of rice, rice malt, water, and the brewing tank?  Nifuda-Zake is full of personality, with even experimental elements fun, and the latest information is posted on the brewery’s website.

Please check it by all means!

KamoーNishiki Sake Brewery is also available! Introducing an attractive lineup!

Not limited to Nifuda-Zake, KamoーNishiki Sake Brewery has attractive sake. Let’s introduce it now!

加茂錦 米袋 純米吟醸  KamoーNishiki KomeーBukuro JunmaiーGinjo

Junmai Ginjo Sake in a 米袋KomeーBukuro(rice bag) seems to be a metaphor that it is made from freshly picked rice. It was added to block the ultraviolet rays that cause the oxidation of sake. It’s a beautiful item for gifts as it is.

To enjoy the natural flavor, it is not microfiltered. Rich umami and rich flavor due to fine filtration remain.

加茂錦 純米吟醸 (無濾過) KamoーNishiki junmaiーGinjo(No filtration)

You can enjoy the taste and flavor as it is only with No filtration. Sake rice uses 500 million stones.


How was it?

In addition to being reasonably priced, “Nifuda-Zake" has a special feeling that it can only be placed in a designated liquor store, further deepening the taste. Above all, it is a sake that you can feel the delicate consideration of Toji that you want it to be placed on the table and eaten with meals, which is also the reason why you want to eat it once.

Each liquor has its own personality. We want to identify the individuality and firmly determine the compatibility with personalities as a drinker.

Why don’t you try to find a sake that matches your feeling as well as matching with food?