What kind of sake brand is Kirinzan?麒麟山


 Aga town in Nigata, Represents a famous sake"Kirinzan"

One of the attractions of sake is not only its deliciousness, but also its ability to connect people.

This time, we would like to introduce Niigata’s local sake “Kirinsan", which aims to remain in the harmony of people and has a dry taste that will not make sake lovers get tired.


Satisfying taste of “淡麗辛口 Tanrei Karakuchi (Light and dry)

History of the Kirinzan Sake Brewery

What is “Kirinzan Sake Brewery"?

 Recommended variations of Kirinzan



Satisfying taste of “淡麗辛口 Tanrei Karakuchi (Light and dry)

Kirinzan is a sake brewed as a local sake in Niigata.
As a sake that Niigata people can enjoy at any time, it can be tasted in a wide range of places such as local liquor stores and restaurants.

The motto of the brewery is “Sake is spicy". Because we recommend you to drink light and dry every day, we are pursuing “light and dry" without compromising and not getting tired from drinking. Kirinzan has a taste that when you put it in your mouth, it has this refreshing taste that floats in your mouth, and then it has a umami that gradually remains afterwards, and it becomes sharper. That’s the reason why sake lovers won’t tired of drinking.

You can enjoy it in various ways, such as combining it with seasonal dishes, or changing the cold or hot sake depending on your mood.

History of the Kirinzan Sake Brewery

Kirinzan Sake Brewery was a street shop in Aga Town, Niigata in 1843. It is a town located on the prefectural border of Fukushima prefecture, and is a town where the attack of Aizuwakamatsu drifts a little.

It seems that the brewer had a livelihood in the production and sale of charcoal. The second generation, Yoshihei Saito, presented sake, and thanked the water from the well and the blessings from God, “Fukui".

In 1882, during the time of Tokukichi Rinri Fuji, the third generation, it was named after the rocky mountain “Kirinzan" in Aga Town, which was located in the back of the warehouse and eroded between the Agano River and the Tokonami River. ..

What is “Kirinzan Sake Brewery"?

Kirinzan Sake Brewery has been brewing sake for generations with the aim of becoming the “usual Kirinzan".

In order to realize the usual Tanrei Karakuchi light and dry, they
・ Training of brewers
・ Conservation of water
・ Okuaga rice(Rice brand;which is known as the best quality among the Japanese rice)

Training of brewers

It is technically difficult to make a light-tasting, light-tasting sake with a low aroma, and it cannot be deceived.

“Kirinzan Sake Brewery" has a large number of sake brewing professionals who focus on educating to improve their skills as brewers. But the most important thing is the technique of the brewer.

Conservation of water preparation

Super soft water is also very important, which is indispensable for clean and dry water.
The water used for Kirinzan Sake Brewery is the groundwater of the Tokonami River, which originates from Mt. Mikagura. This water is prepared by finely filtering beech forests in a wide area around the Tokonami River.

By the way, Kirinzan Sake Brewery is also planting trees to maintain the filtering function of beech forests.
We are focusing on the conservation of clean water.

Okuaga rice

We are also focusing on improving and growing the quality of local rice, and we brew sake with rice that the locals know, not rice that we do not know who made it. This is because “safety" is an important factor in aiming for “the usual Kirinzan".

The “Okuaga Sake Rice Study Group" was established in 1995 to raise the level of local agriculture, and through training sessions held seven times a year, the cultivation quantity is increasing year by year while improving cultivation techniques.

In 2011, Kirinzan Sake Brewery Agri Business Headquarters was established.

In addition to the Okuaga Sake Rice Study Group, a department specializing in sake rice cultivation was established within the sake brewery. At present, the rice produced by the “Study Group" and the “Agri Business Headquarters" alone accounts for more than 90% of the raw rice.

For the first time, “the usual Kirinsan" has been realized by sticking to technology, sticking to water, and sticking to rice.

Always in the Harmony of People

Kirinzan Sake Brewery brews “local sake" with the desire to be a sake that produces “human harmony."

First of all, They want to be a person who connects brewers, local people, dealers, restaurant people, and customers so that people who laugh happily have a good relationship with each other. Kirinzan Sake Brewery values ​​"human harmony" above all else.

 Recommended Variations of Kirinzan

麒麟山 伝統 辛口  Kirinzan Dento(Tradition) Karakuchi(Dry)

This traditional dryness is loved by the local people of Niigata as “an indispensable part of their lives." It is nicknamed as “Spicy".

There is a taste that remains slowly in a refreshing atmosphere, and it becomes sharp. This Tanrei is the secret to not getting tired of drinking.

麒麟山 大吟醸辛口酒 『大辛』  Kirinzan Daiginnjou Karakuchi Shu(Dry Sake) “Oo Kara(Very Dry)”

Kirinzan, which inherits the belief that “liquor is spicy" and can be said to be the true value of Kirinzan Sake Brewery, and  it is Daiginjo dry.

Along with the elegant aroma of Ginjo incense, the taste of polished kaiseki is accompanied by dishes that enjoy delicate flavors such as kaiseki cuisine. It is a delicious sake that can be cold or Nuru Kan(Slimy Style)

きりんざん ブルーボトル 純米大吟醸  Kirinzan Blue bottle Junmai Daiginjo

One of the series sold in the catch phrase “Kirinzan that you can taste in a friendly way".
There are several types of bottles on the market that express the individuality of sake using colors.

Among them, the blue bottle is characterized by a hexagonal bottle and feels fashionable. As you can imagine when looking at the bottle, the taste is very transparent and the aroma is characteristic.

A bottle you want to drink on a special day. Besides blue bottles, there are white bottles, pink bottles, etc.


Kirinzan is a sake made with a strong desire for the people of Niigata, but it has become a “dry sake" that cannot be tasted just by riding on the recent trends such as “sweet sake" and “easy-to-drink sake". It is a sake that has been carefully selected.

Adults who can say that “liquor is spicy" are cool, aren’t they?

Why don’t you have a spicy drink here, talk about it, and talk with your dear friend!

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