What kind of sake brand is Yuki no Bosha?雪の茅舎


The famous sake “Yuki no Bousha" produced by the beautiful snowy country is approaching the charm of the regular sake!

Akita is definitely a snowy country, but do you know a sake called “Yuki no Bosha" that gives you a feeling of Akita? This brand, which Japanese sake connoisseurs will know, is a regular sake of the National New Sake Appraisal, and it is a sake that deserves to be called a gem!

Its taste is carefully selected, delicate, and reasonably priced, so it is popular all over the country, including the local Akita.

This time, we would like to introduce you to Akita’s famous sake “Yuki no Bosha". Please know the charm of the gem produced by Kome Doroko Akita!


What is “Yuki no Bosha"?

What is “Saiya Sake Brewery"?

What is “Yuki no Bosha"?

Yuki no Bosha is a representative sake of Akita. Its quality is not limited to the prefecture, it is a genuine famous sake that has won the gold medal more than 10 times at the national new sake appraisal.

Three exemptions( No filtration, no water, no paddle )

The characteristic of the Yuki no Kayasha series is that you can enjoy the original taste of sake. They have a commitment  to no filtration no water no paddle, In short “original taste" .

The finished liquor is bottled as it is without watering or charcoal filtration. By doing so, you can enjoy the original taste of sake.

Nobori Kura

The Saiya Sake Brewery, which brews the Yuki no Bosha, is called “Nobori Kura".

As the sake brewing process progresses, the location will move from the upper workshop to the lower workshop. In other words, the rice brewed with underground water becomes sake and goes down.
By adopting Nobori Kura, it is possible to brew sake without giving an extra load to sake in the manufacturing process.

Origin of the name

The characteristic name of the snow-covered roof is said to have been named after a writer who visited this storehouse, saying, “Winter scenery dotted with thatched-roof farmhouses buried in snow."

In the harsh and abundant nature, this Yuki no Bosha has been brewed with the beautiful scenery woven by the brewery created by the wisdom of the people at that time.

What is “Saiya Sake Brewery"?

Saiya Sake Brewery, which has a brewery in Yurihonjo City, Akita Prefecture, is a long-established brewery with a history of more than 100 years since its founding in 1902 (Meiji 35).

Since its founding, we have sincerely spun its history with the motto “Sake brewing that is particular about polishing our own yeast and rice." Whether it’s Daiginjo Sake or regular sake, it’s a sake brewery that is close to the buyer, maintaining a stance of not compromising the quality of sake, yet maintaining a price that consumers are satisfied with.

The houses, stores, and warehouses of this Saiya Sake Brewery, which is loved all over the country, mainly by the locals, have not changed their shape in history, and 11 of them are registered as national tangible cultural properties.

In the harsh and abundant nature of Akita, Saiya Sake Brewery has inherited the thoughts of the people of the time along with its history. The famous sake “Yuki no Bosha" is a gem that can be brewed because it is in the same store.


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