What is “Dassai USA”?

“Dassai USA" is a brand developed by Asahi Shuzo for the American market. Established in 2017, it is currently called [Dassai Blue Sake Brewery] and has a sake brewery in Hyde Park, New York.

What is [Dassai Blue Sake Brewery]?

overview [Dassai Blue Sake Brewery] is a new sake brewery by Asahi Shuzo located in Hyde Park, New York. It will open in October 2023 and boast an annual production capacity of 140,000 cases (9 liters equivalent).


The Dassai brand’s first overseas location: Dassai Blue is brewed using New York water and Yamada Nishiki rice, inheriting the traditional methods of the Dassai sake brewery in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. State-of-the-art equipment: We use the latest equipment to produce high-quality sake. Tours and Tastings: Tours and tastings are available for small groups on Thursdays and Fridays. (Reservation required) Tasting Bar: The tasting bar is open from Wednesday to Sunday. (No reservation required)

location ・business hours Viewing

5 St Andrews Rd, Hyde Park, NY 12538 (2 hours drive from Manhattan)

tasting tour: Thursday and Friday 13:00-16:00 (reservation required) Tasting bar: Wednesday to Sunday 13:00-16:00 (no reservation required)

Features of “Dassai USA”

We produce sake that combines Asahi Shuzo’s traditional techniques with American ingredients. We have installed the latest equipment to stably produce high quality sake. Environmentally friendly design and LEED Gold certified. Locally sourced ingredients: All rice, water, and yeast are sourced from New York State.

Only Junmai Daiginjo: All sake brewed at Dassai USA is Junmai Daiginjo, the highest quality sake.

Innovative technology: Dassai USA brews high-quality sake using innovative technology originally developed by Asahi Sake Brewery.

“Dassai USA” lineup

DASSAI BLUE 23: This is the flagship model of “Dassai USA” released in September 2023.

DASSAI BLUE 50: A Junmai Daiginjo with a more sophisticated taste, released in November 2023.

DASSAI BLUE Sparkling: Sparkling sake scheduled to be released in spring 2024.

Future outlook for “Dassai USA”

” Dassai USA” aims to raise awareness of sake in the American market and spread the culture of sake. We plan to release more types of sake in the future, and aim to sell it throughout the United States.

Current status of “Dassai USA” As of March 2024″Dassai USA" is in the following situation.

1. Brewery

In September 2023, “DASSAI BLUE SAKE BREWERY” opened in Hyde Park, New York. The site area is approximately 62,400 square meters and has the capacity to produce approximately 300,000 liters of sake annually. The water used for brewing is groundwater from the Hudson River system, the rice is Yamada Nishiki from New York, and the yeast is originally developed by Asahi Shuzo.

2. Sales

On September 25, 2023, “DASSAI BLUE" brand sake was released in New York. At the moment, only Junmai Daiginjo is available. We plan to gradually expand the sales area, centering on New York State.

3. Future prospects

Asahi Shuzo positions the U.S. market as an important target market, and plans to continue actively expanding into the United States. In the future, we are also considering developing sake using American sake rice.

The charm of “Dassai USA”

1. One of the world’s best sake breweries opens in America

In March 2023, Asahi Sake Brewery in Yamaguchi Prefecture built a sake brewery in Hyde Park, New York to brew “Dassai Blue." This is the world’s first sake brewery, combining sake tradition with innovative technology.

2. The ultimate taste created by New York water and Yamada Nishiki

By using soft water that takes advantage of the hardness and mineral content of New York State and 100% Yamada Nishiki imported from Japan, sake with a delicate and elegant taste is created.

3. Developing the American market and spreading Japanese sake culture

By producing in America, we can reduce transportation costs and customs duties, and allow more people to enjoy Dassai. We also contribute to the spread of sake culture in America through sake brewery tours and events.

4.Fusion of food cultures

New possibilities created by the fusion of food cultures You can enjoy pairing it not only with sushi and Japanese food, but also with a variety of other dishes such as hamburgers and steaks. Collaborations with chefs active in New York are also expected.

5. Long-awaited news for sake fans

Sake is becoming increasingly popular in America, and Dassai is recognized as a premium sake. The increase in opportunities to purchase Dassai in the United States is long-awaited news for sake fans.

6. Future development of “Dassai USA”

In the future, we plan to develop sake using Yamada Nishiki grown in the United States and release new products tailored to the American market.

7. “Dassai USA” event information

In New York, events are held regularly to convey the charm of Dassai. You can participate in various events such as tasting parties and pairing dinners.

8. How to purchase “Dassai USA”

”Dassai USA ”can be purchased at liquor stores in New York State and online.