What kind of sake brand is 梵 Born?


Fascinating sake loved by VIPs around the world! Introducing the charm and recommended variations of “Born"

The highest peak of local sake “Born" along with “Kubota", a dry representative of Niigata, and “14th generation" of Yamagata prefecture.
Among them, “Born", which stands out among them, is a representative sake of Japan, which is presented to the imperial family and served when entertaining VIPs from each country.

This time, We would like to introduce you to the charm of such a BORN.


History of the name “Born"

The brewery “Kato Yoshihira Shoten" that created “Born"

Commitment to “Born"

The trajectory of Japan’s proud “Born"

You can’t talk about sake without drinking “Born"

History of the name “Born"

It’s a Chinese character that you rarely encounter, but can you read it?

This is read as “born".
In English notation, it is “BORN" instead of “BON".

“Kegare" is a Sanskrit word meaning “cleanliness without injury" or “making the truth." Furthermore, because it means “born" in English, it was named with the thoughts of “birth" and “creation" for the future.

In addition, Born is registered as a trademark in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. The short pronunciation makes it easy for people in any country to pronounce, and the familiar naming may be one of the reasons why it is loved in the world.

The brewery “Kato Yoshihira Shoten" that created “Born"

Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, where Kato Yoshihira Shoten has a sake brewery, that developed an eyeglass business to the extent that it is called the town of eyeglasses.
In addition, the Hino River in the Kuzuryu River system runs nearby, and it has long been famous as a rice-producing region.

In such a land, Kato Yoshihira Shoten originally did business as a money changer, Shoya.
However, in the first year of Man’en (1860), when the Sakuradamon Incident occurred, the sake brewery called “Kato Yoshihira Shoten" was born because the ancestors started making sake. It’s a long-established sake brewery that will celebrate its 160th anniversary in 2020.

Initially, Kato Yoshihira Shoten was loved for a long time under the brand name “Koshi no I", but in 1963 all sake was renamed to “Born". It is said that the name “Born" was originally given only to the highest quality sake from the brewery.

Commitment to “Born"

The secret to the deliciousness of “Born" was the three commitments that Kato Yoshihira Shoten inherited.

① Additive-free

No additives are added to “Born", and sake is made only with rice, malted rice, and water.
Currently in Japan, sake that does not have “junmai" usually contains brewed alcohol, and such breweries are increasing. A refreshing type of sake that cannot be tasted without the addition of brewed alcohol is also very popular.

However, Kato Yoshihira Shoten is making additive-free sake, inheriting the desire from its predecessor, “I want to continue making sake that is kind to the body and is truly delicious."

In fact, many brewed alcohols are imported from overseas, so the policy is not to pass them on in order to make 100% domestic sake.
In addition, although mass production is not possible, we continue to use the traditional handmade manufacturing method that has not changed since the founding of the warehouse.

② Carefully selected raw materials

Only “Yamada Nishiki from Hyogo prefecture’s special A district" and “Gohyakumangoku from Fukui prefecture" are used as rice suitable for sake brewing, and water is the key to the texture is the underground river of the Hakusan mountain range that is pumped from 184 meters underground. I’m using water.

In addition, there is a strong commitment to the rice polishing rate, which affects the flavor of sake, and all sake is made by self-polishing rice that has been ground to 60% or less.
The average rice polishing rate in the brewery is 34.5%, and the highest ranked “Born / Chogin" boasts a rice polishing rate of 20%.

We polish carefully selected raw materials with the latest technology, and then brew them with our own yeast in the brewery.

③ Ice temperature aging

At Kato Yoshihira Shoten, all sake is aged in a low negative temperature range.

Aging at ice temperature not only enhances the fruity aroma of sake, but also makes it soft and rich with sharp edges.
It will reach us after aging for at least one year, and some for more than 10 years.

Furthermore, even after leaving the brewery, the commitment to temperature control does not change, such as setting the delivery time to a cool time between evening and midnight.

The long-established sake brewery, Kato Yoshihira Shoten, continues to be loved by this devoted sake brewing.

The trajectory of Japan’s proud “Born"

Born is a sake made with particular attention to everything from the production area to the ingredients used. As a result, Bon has been proud of its award-winning awards.
Next, I would like to introduce the steady and gorgeous achievements that “Bon" has followed.

The leap of “Born" was triggered by receiving the highest award at the “Hokuriku Sake Appraisal" held from the late Taisho era to the early Showa era. That is also the fourth consecutive year. The reputation of “Bon", which achieved a feat, finally reached the imperial family, and it was the first sake to be selected for local sake at the Showa Emperor’s “Grand Order".

This honor quickly spread and was nominated as a toast at various subsequent ceremonies, including the celebration of JR privatization and the banquet of the World Cup Japan-Korea tournament.

November 2017
● Nominated for opening the mirror at the “World Championship Gymnastics Nippon Players’ Team Celebration" held at the Tokyo Prince Hotel.

December 2017
● Nominated for a toast at the “Emperor’s Birthday Celebration Reception" sponsored by the Japanese Embassy in the United States.

Even recently, it has a great presence with a wonderful celebration.

In addition, it has been adopted in many government-sponsored ceremonies overseas, and its name has become popular all over the world.

I’ve won so many awards in a year that I can’t write them all here.
The award history is summarized on the official website, so please take a look.


You can’t talk about sake without drinking “Born"

How was it? “Born" is a sake that Japan is proud to offer to the world. The sake of “Born" produced by the brewery’s constant efforts and techniques cannot be said to be a sake connoisseur without drinking.

Please experience the deep taste once. Hope you can find a brand that suits your taste!

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