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Introducing “Kawatsuru", a sake that makes you feel the charm of Sanuki, Kagawa Prefecture

When you hear Kagawa prefecture, you probably think of “Sanuki udon".

Kagawa Prefecture is a land facing the Seto Inland Sea and the Sanuki Mountains, and is rich in delicious seafood and mountain food. In such a place, sake that goes well with various dishes is also excellent. If you drink Sanuki sake made from good quality rice and water, you will realize the charm of Kagawa even more.

This time, We would like to introduce Kagawa’s sake, “Kawatsuru"!


What kind of liquor is Kawatsuru?

What kind of brewery is Kawatsuru Sake Brewery?

What kind of liquor is Kawatsuru?

“Kawatsuru" is a sake made in Kanonji, Sanuki. The common feature of “Kawatsuru" sake is that it has a pleasantly taste that is packed with the taste of rice.

Sake as an in-meal liquor such as pure rice liquor and kanzake is not overdone and not drawn too much so as to match the dishes such as seafood and edible wild plants harvested locally, and the balance with the dish is emphasized. Ginjo-type products have a light and refreshing taste that heals the tiredness of the day and rejuvenates tomorrow so that you can feel relieved after eating. So what’s the secret to this taste?

Kawatsuru Sake Brewery, which makes Kawatsuru, is active in rice brewing, saying, “Sake brewing is rice brewing. Sake brewers work on sake brewing after knowing the difficulties of making rice." Most of the raw rice used is rice grown in Kagawa prefecture, including self-cultivated rice. They mainly use “Ooseto rice" from Sanuki, “Yamada Nishiki" from contract cultivation, “Omachi" from contract cultivation in Okayama prefecture, and “Sanuki Yomai" from genuine Sanuki sake rice, each with its own unique taste. 

The water used is the spring water of the Tada River, which is a clear and rich stream that flows behind the brewery. It was named “Kawatsuru" by the first kuramoto because the cranes fell down on this river. This river is also known as the Takarada River, and is considered to be the water source that brings treasure to the rice fields.

What is Kagawa’s original sake rice “Sanuki Yoimai"?

We would like to introduce what kind of rice is “Sanuki Yoimai", which is also used in Kawatsuru.

In 1990,  a project started to make Kagawa’s original sake rice . As a result of the cooperation of many institutions such as Kagawa University Faculty of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, a new sake rice was completed by mating “Ooseto" and “Yamada Nishiki". That is “Sanuki Yoi Mai". Sake rice, which was born as a result of research over about 20 years, is now producing Sanuki sake.

Kawatsuru Sake Brewery’s “Sanuki Yoimai Junmai Nama Genshu" is a long-awaited local sake made from Sanuki Yoimai, which has a refreshing taste with no unpleasant taste and a juicy taste. If you see it, please try the sake made from this Kagawa sake rice.

What kind of brewery is Kawatsuru Sake Brewery?

Impress the swallower with a straightforward feeling, like the flow of a river. “

Kawatsuru Sake Brewery aims to be a true sake brewing group that all the brewers are serious about, keeping the spirit of sake brewing inherited from the first generation.

It was founded in 1891 by Seizo Kawato, who was engaged in the dying industry in Ikeda Town, Tokushima Prefecture, in the present Kanonji area.

Yuichiro Kawahito, the current president, graduated from the brewing department of Tokyo Agriculture University, and after working at Asahi Breweries, studied at the National Tax Agency’s Brewing Research Institute (currently the Liquor Research Institute) and returned home in 1996.

Immediately before taking over the chief, brewer Hiroshima retired due to old age, and Mr. Yasushi Teratani of brewery Tajima will come to Kawatsuru Sake Brewery. The taste of sake is determined by the skill and leadership of Toji, who received the intention of the management, but even if the brewer changed, they did not change the basics of the taste, but changed it to a clean and sharp taste.

The taste of Kawatsuru is not only from delicious rice and water, but also from the serious sake brewing by the president and Toji.


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