What kind of sake brand is Juuyondai(14th generation)? 十四代


Phantom sake! A thorough explanation of the charm of the hard-to-find premier sake Juuyondai

Juuyondai … A superfamous sake that everyone should know about. How much do you know about this brand?, from which was born in Yamagata and is fascinating all over Japan.

Today, we will thoroughly explain about the brewery, the origin of the name, and the taste of the famous sake “Juuyodai", which is said to be a phantom sake and is sometimes traded at a price many times higher than the list price!

If you read this article, you should be able to learn a little more about “Juuyonndai " that you definitely would want to know if you like sake!


What is “Juuuonndai"?

What is “Takagi Sake Brewery" that brews the “Juuuonndai"?

“Juuondai" is Mr. Akinori Takagi of the genius Mori

The secret of the “Juuyondai" name and label

What is “Juuuonndai"?

Around 1994.
At that time, the light and dry taste was booming in the world of sake.

Meanwhile, a fruity and sweet Daiginjo sake has appeared in a way that ignored the trend.
Fans became captivated by the surprising and reliable quality of sake. 

Yes, that sake is the “Juuyondai".

A big break with a gentle ginjo scent and a mellow sweetness.
Since then, mass retailers and liquor stores all over the country have begun to handle “Juuyondai".

Nowadays, not only sake fans, but also the “Juuyondai" that makes its name roar.
As Yamagata’s premier brand, it has won an unwavering position.

What is “Takagi Sake Brewery" that brews the “Juuuonndai"?

“Juuyondai" is brewed by “Takagi Sake Brewery", which has a brewery in Murayama City, Yamagata Prefecture.
Founded in 1615 (the first year of Genna).
It is a long-established brewery that continues to make sake in a remote area covered with deep snow in winter.

Originally, Takagi Sake Brewery was known to the locals as a brand called “朝日鷹Asahitaka".

In fact, in 1615, the year the Tokugawa family destroyed the Toyotomi family in the “Osaka Natsu no Jin", the owner of Tozawa Castle in Hashu, who ruled including the current Murayama city, told the Takagi family the sake brand “Asahitaka". He gave the permission to brew the shochu “鬼兜Onikabuto".

Ribei, who was the owner of the Takagi family at that time, changed his name to “辰五郎Tatsugoro" and became the first owner of Takagi Sake Brewery.

Even now, if you go to Murayama City, the hometown of Takagi Sake Brewery, you can find “Asahitaka" at liquor stores.
It’s hard to find sake that has been loved by the locals for such a long time.

However, Takagi Sake Brewery does not have a homepage or an email address.
I don’t know the details and the manufacturing method …

It is surprising that there is no way to know information in the modern age of information technology, but the fact that there are many things that we do not understand may be one of the reasons why it is a “phantom sake".

Sake Brewery"Juuuondai" is Mr. Akinori Takagi of the genius Mori

Mr. Akitsuna Takagi, the managing director of the warehouse, is brewing.

He is also the creator of “Juuyondai" and has experience working at a major department store in Tokyo.
He is referred to as a young genius Mori, who also has a sense of management.

Mr. Takagi graduated from the brewing department of the Faculty of Agriculture, Tokyo Agriculture University.
Of course, we are also paying attention to the latest technology of sake. However, we also value the analog parts that cannot be recognized by machines, and produce the best sake by combining the latest technology and traditional method.
He also continues to take on the challenge of making the Juuyondai even more delicious each year.

One of the people who established a fruity type of sake that has never been seen before, after such a challenging spirit and tireless efforts.
The ability and sense of Mr. Takagi, and above all, the sake with a reliable quality that is suitable for calling it premier sake is “Juuyonndai “.

The secret of the “Juuyondai" name and label

● Origin of the name

Now, how did the “Juuyondai" come about? In fact, the brand “Juuyondai" itself existed before Mr. Akinori Takagi became Mr. Mori.

Originally, the name “Juuyondai" was given only to special old sake.

“Juuyondai" is Mr. Akinori Takagi of the genius Mori

The origin is that when the 14th generation(十四代Juuyondai) owner “Tatsugoro Takagi" applied for trademark registration of “13th generation", “14th generation", “15th generation", “16th generation", etc., numbers are usually not allowed. However, for some reason, only “14th generation" was registered and assessed.

Isn’t only “14th generation" misunderstood by the names “Toshihiro" and “Toshiyo"? It seems that the truth is still unknown.

Eventually, Mr. Akinori Takagi, who took over the brewery and became the 15th generation Mori, took over the name of “Juuyondai" to the sake that was completed for the first time as Mr. Mori.
This is the “14th generation" known to everyone.

The name “Juuyondai" was created even though it should not be possible to register the trademark.
It’s a little weird, yet it has a long history of brewery, and I can’t help but feel something fateful about this name.

● Label secret

Imagine the label “Juuyondai".
We think many people have imagined something that is shining brightly.

The “Juuyondai" label is stamped.
Many sakes are stored in a dark and cold place so that the quality does not deteriorate.

In a dark place, the letters on the label may not be noticeable, and it may be difficult to distinguish them from other sake.
However, since the “Jyuuyondai" is stamped with foil, it shines brightly even in the dark.

It’s not a flashy design, but makes you want to buy it visually with such a little ingenuity! Makes you think to buy it!.

In addition, the elegant luster creates a sense of luxury, and it feels like the value of the “Juuyondai" is further enhanced.

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