Stylish and delicious cocktail recipes using sake

Stylish and delicious cocktail recipes using sake

Speaking of sake, it is known as an alcoholic beverage that can be enjoyed in different temperature ranges, such as chilled or warmed.

However, it’s actually very delicious as a base for cocktails!

This time, we will introduce a recipe for a stylish and delicious cocktail using Japanese sake, which is surprisingly unknown, along with the steps to make it.

samurai rock

The sourness of lime makes this cocktail refreshing and easy to drink. Recommended for those who don’t like the unique smell of sake.

Sake: 45ml
Lime juice: 15ml

Fill a glass with ice, pour some sake and lime juice, and it’s ready.

It’s also stylish to add a lime cut as a finishing touch! We also recommend adding soda and enjoying it like a highball.

clear stream

This is a sake cocktail that makes full use of the slightly sour flavor of sake.

Sake: 30ml
Blue Curacao: 15ml
Lemon juice: 3tsp.
Lime juice: 2tsp.
Lemon slice: 1 piece

Shake sake, blue curacao, lemon juice, and lime juice in a shaker. Pour into a glass with ice and garnish with lemon slices.

A refreshing cocktail with a subtle Japanese sake flavor and a strong acidity.

warm lemon

A hot sake cocktail that I recommend before going to bed. It’s a simple cocktail that only uses sake and lemon. Just add lemon to sake and warm it up.

Sake: 90ml
Cut lemon: 1 slice

Just add a slice of lemon to sake and heat it in the microwave.

Warming it up will enhance the flavor of the sake, but if you find it too strong, you can make it easier to drink by diluting it with a small amount of hot water.

Tea and sake cocktail

A cocktail of tea and sake. It is characterized by the natural sweetness of sake, rather than the sticky sweetness of gum syrup.

Sake: 60ml
Tea liqueur: 30ml
Green apple liqueur: 10ml
Oolong tea: appropriate amount
Cut lemon: 1 slice

Add sake, black tea liqueur, and green apple liqueur to a glass filled with ice and stir. Add a suitable amount of oolong tea to enhance the flavor, then add cut lemon to complete the dish.

This cocktail is recommended for an afternoon, where you can thoroughly enjoy the taste of rice from Japanese sake, the refreshing aroma of pear and lemon, and the aroma of Darjeeling.


We have introduced a collection of recipes for Japanese sake cocktails that are still unknown.

The cocktails we’ve introduced this time include not only refreshing recipes you’ll want to drink in the summer, but also hot cocktails that will be great in the winter as well.

If you have any leftover sake at home, or if you have a bottle that you can’t finish, please refer to this article and try making sake cocktails!