Sake situation in Guam

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Guam is known for its beautiful beaches and resort hotels, but there is also a growing community of Japanese sake enthusiasts and an increasing number of sake bars.

Many Japanese sake varieties imported from Japanese breweries are sold in Guam, with particular popularity for junmai and ginjo sake. Sake bars offer various ways to enjoy sake, and there are also restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Japanese meals paired with sake.

Additionally, Guam holds Japanese sake events to promote the spread of sake culture. Examples include the “Japanese Sake Fair," where Japanese breweries exhibit their products, and the “Sake Festival," in which Guam’s sake bars participate.

One reason for the popularity of Japanese sake in Guam is the increasing number of Japanese tourists. With many Japanese tourists visiting Guam, their love for sake may have influenced locals to appreciate the appeal of sake as well.

Furthermore, while Guam is a US territory, it has strong connections to Asia, and there is a growing interest in Asian culture. Japanese sake is a part of Japanese culture, and for those who enjoy Asian culture, sake has become an attractive drink.

The Japanese sake scene in Guam is expected to continue to grow. When visiting Guam, why not try delicious Japanese sake at a sake bar?

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