What kind of sake brand is 尾瀬の雪どけ Oze no Yukidoke?


The ultimate in manual work is here! Approaching the charm of “Oze no Yukidoke"

Do you know “Oze no Yukidoke" manufactured by “Ryujin Sake Brewery" in Gunma Prefecture?

As major kuramotos are gradually mechanizing, they are obediently sticking to manual sake brewing and continues to maintain that taste.

We will approach the charm of the sake “Oze no Yukidoke", which is made with such a straightforward attitude.


The charm and commitment of Oze no Yukidoke

About “Ryujin Sake Brewery"

recommended brands of Oze no Yukidoke 

The charm and commitment of Oze no Yukidoke

Sake brewing by hand

“Ryujin Sake Brewery" is particular about manual work in sake brewing.

In the process “hand-polished rice washing," which is indispensable for completely removing the brand and making good jiuqu, it is said that the rice is carefully washed by hand. By doing it by hand, they are making higher quality Jiuqu.

Of course, they are particular about the rice used, and brings out the individuality of rare rice suitable for sake brewing such as Aiyama, Yamadaho, and Oyamanishiki to create delicious sake.

In addition, for brands of Junmai Ginjo Sake and above, the firing is usually done twice, but only once with a bottle, and then cooled in a dedicated refrigerator at once. Then let it lie down slowly.

The “extreme" handmade by the brewers is all about how to make it.

Are there any brands other than sake?

In fact, there are many brands of “Oze no Yukidoke" other than sake.

“Oze no Yukidoke Yuzu Remon Sake" that fills your mouth with a refreshing scent, and “Oze no Yukidoke Yama Grape Sake" that uses mountain grapes from Iwate Prefecture.
In addition, the shochu “Castle Town Napoleon" made from the Ginjo sake lees of “Oze no Yukidoke" and the white beer “Oze no Yukidoke White Weizen" with a characteristic fruity scent. We manufacture a variety of sake, not just sake.

In addition to sake, there are sakes made with great care, so if you are interested, please buy it.

About “Ryujin Sake Brewery"

“Ryujin Sake Brewery" was founded in the Northern and Southern Dynasties. It is said that Ochimusha Keno Hida Mamoru Takachika was told to brew sake after he got a place to live in Keno.

Then, he found a well of Ryujin, which was formed by the accumulation of snowmelt water from Oze.
The water drawn from this well is as famous as Nada no Miyamizu.

On top of that, he created a dozo brewery and opened a brewing business. This became the predecessor of Ryujin Sake Brewery.
For 400 years since then, Ryujin Sake Brewery has continued to make good sake, including “Oze no Yukidoke", to this day.

Oze no Yukidoke Recommended Brands

Oze no Yukidoke Ookarakuchi junmai

If you want to enjoy sake while eating at “Oze no Yukidoke", we definitely recommend this.
Even if it is very dry, it is not spicy, but the taste of rice is condensed tightly and you can taste a strong bite.
Still, the aftertaste is sharp and crisp, and there is no doubt that it will be a enjoyed with cold steamed white fish and shellfish.

Oze no Yukidoke Junmai Pink Nigori Hon Nama

This sake is perfect for cherry blossom viewing events. Since it is colored with special yeast, no coloring agents are used.
The taste is thick and the rich sweetness spreads throughout the mouth, and the combination of fruits and sweets is exceptional. As an unusual way to drink, you can divide it with yogurt to make a cocktail that is easy for women to drink.

Oze no Yukidoke Junmai Daiginjo Shun Gin

“Shun Gin" is a series that offers different types of seasonal flavors for each season.
The palate is soft on the palate, and the crisp aftertaste refreshes the mouth. Please enjoy the autumn-like “seasonal gin".