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Lets find out about the Famous sake 'Denshu’ from Aomori

We would like to introduce the sake “Den-shu" from Aomori prefecture, which is said to be exceptional among sake! It’s a popular sake not only in Aomori but all over the country,  many people say, “I’ve never drank it, but I know it!"

Although it is a fairly good price, “Tashu" is still extremely popular and boasts the place’s name. Here are the charms of the Denshu.


What is “Denshu"?

What is “Nishida Sake Brewery"?

Commitment to Denshu!

“Denshu" is an excellent sake in combination with meals.

The “Denshu" series


What is “Denshu"?

“Den-shu" is a sake brand produced by Nishida Sake Brewery in Aomori Prefecture. it was been founded  in the 1965s. This was a time when sake consumption was declining. One of the reasons is that the variety of alcoholic beverages such as beer, shochu, whiskey, and wine has increased. Sake made by natural rice without using additives such as brewed alcohol. That is the origin of the name 'Tashu’. You can feel the commitment to the production of “Den-shu" as if it were a rush!.

However, it is very difficult to achieve it. In fact, as the consumption of sake decreases, the number of sake breweries is has had collapsed.

Therefore, it became necessary for the sake industry to boost once again to the world the “charm of sake that other liquor does not have”.

Nishida Sake Brewery is no exception, and it seems that there were times when manufacturer has had a hard time.

Despite that 'Denshu’ is a sake that was born from the desire to “return to the origin of sake and make a stately genuine sake." As the efficiency and mechanization of sake progressed, we started the traditional sake that was particular about making pure rice sake by hand. It took three years to commercialize it, and it was released on October 1, 1974.

Who is “Nishida Sake Brewery"?

Nishida Sake Brewery, which brews rice wine, was founded in 1878. Located in Michinoku Aomori, the northernmost tip of Hon-shu, has a factory in Ohama, Aburakawa, Aomori City. Nishida is the only sake brewery in Aomori City.

By the way, Aburakawa was once called “Ohama" and was the most prosperous port on the east coast of the Tsugaru Peninsula from Kamakura to the Warring States period. Located at the base of the Tsugaru Peninsula, facing Mutsu Bay. Sake is brewed in a land blessed with the bounty of the mountains and seas. Not only “Denshu" but also “Kikuizumi" is brewed, and won the gold medal, which is the highest honor in the industry, has been awarded many times at the national and Tohoku sake appraisals.

“Denshu" is brewed with pure rice, but “Kikuizumi", which has been brewed since its establishment, also minimizes the addition of brewing alcohol.
In addition, it is a conscientious ordinary sake that does not use any sugar, and the price is more reasonable than “Denshu". “It’s hard to get Denshu sake …" For those who like that, it might be a good idea to try Kikuizumi.

 Commitment to Den-shu!

The secret to the deliciousness of Denshu is not just “because it is pure rice sake".

“Denshu", which sings “Japanese sake made only from rice grown in rice fields," is particular about rice. Even now, the unfading commitment and feelings for rice have been passed down. The commitment is tremendous, and we asked a specific farmer to cultivate the former Aomori prefecture’s first sake brewing suitable rice called “Kojo Nishiki", which is called phantom rice. It has been revived splendidly and is now on sale to the local market as “Denshu Kojo-noーNishiki".

In addition, we also sell “Junmai Daiginjo Hyakushiho Denshu", which uses “Hanaso", a rice suitable for sake brewing that is said to be comparable to “Yamada Nishiki".
Huawei is the rice suitable for sake brewing, which was born at the Aomori Prefectural Agriculture and Forestry Research Center, and is exactly the rice that the locals are proud of. At “Junmai Daiginjo Hyakushiho Denshu", it seems that the essence is used for all of the koji rice and kake kome!. by carefully hand-finishing such carefully selected sake rice, the sake will have a strong umami taste.

“Denーshu" is a typical pure rice sake among Japanese sake, and at the same time, it can be called Aomori’s local sake, which is unforgettable sake among the Aomori locals. Another point of interest is the creation of an environment in the brewery where Toji (Chief Brewer) and female brewers can work comfortably. They use cranes to carry heavy objects, and play music so that they can relax at work.

Such a comfortable working environment is also an essential condition for polite sake brewing.

“Denshu" is an excellent sake in combination with meals.

The real greatness of Denshu sake is not just its commitment to rice.

It is “when you drink with meals" suits perfectly. For example, when combined with dry dishes, Denーshu brings out the soft sweetness of rice.

On the contrary, when combined with a sweet dish such as simmered pumpkin, the crisp, light and dry taste of Denshu spreads throughout. Yes, the greatness of Denshu is that the taste can be changed by the combined dishes!, by the way, you can enjoy various flavors depending on the temperature range you drink.

When you taste Denーshu, please try it together with your meal, not recommended it on its own.

“Denshu" series

Here, we introduce the “Denーshu" series, which is particular about rice.
Please try to find your favorite sake while paying attention to the features of the taste!

田酒 特別純米  Denshu Tokubetsu Junmai (Special Rice)

This product has a light flavor and the umami of rice. It has a rich flavor and spreads slowly to fill the mouth, but it has a refreshing taste that never makes you feel persistent. Therefore, this product, which you will not get tired of drinking, is also recommended as a sake during meals. This one would be more than enough to accompany an evening drink.

The “Denshu". If you haven’t tried the series yet, we recommend starting with this special pure rice sake.

田酒 古城乃錦  Denshu Kojo-no-Nishiki

Introducing the aforementioned 'Denshu KojoーnoーNishiki’. The sweet and sour flavor, which is a mixture of refreshing and clear.
The balance of sweet and sour taste can be said to be perfect rice wine.

A bottle filled with Aomori love, which is sold for people in Aomori, using “KojoーNishiki", a rice suitable for sake brewing from Aomori prefecture.

You may want to taste the special dish that you are particular about, even if you are not a local!

田酒 純米大吟醸 百四拾  Denshu JunmaiーDaiーGinjo Hyakuyonju

Another one mentioned above. A gem of the highest level using “Hanaomoi" rice suitable for sake brewing. That is “Denshu Junmai-DaiーGinjo Hyakuyonju".

The gorgeous ginjo incense spreads the moment you put it in your mouth, and its elegant and luxurious taste will invite you to the moment of bliss.
The round, sweet taste swells abundantly and permeates the cells of the entire tongue evenly!, It is a sake that does not hesitate to call it a gem. It’s also perfect as a special gift to send to your loved ones.

田酒 特別純米酒 山廃  Denーshu TokubetuーJunmaiーShu Yamahai

Introduction of Denshu Yamahai.

Yamahai is a traditional method of making, and is characterized by its rich and muscular taste. Although this product has a thick taste that seems to be abandoned in the’ Yamahai'(Traditional way to making sake not adding lactic to deter microbes and bacteria from spoiling the fermentation or can be called as natural process of sake brewing). It has a refreshing finish when considered in total, and the more you drink it, the more you can feel its excellence.

The reliable workmanship that makes you want to describe it as a higher-grade Yamahai pure rice is one that we would like to recommend to those who like Yamahai and have not experienced mountain abandonment.


Aomori sake “Denshu"  is very popular  all over the Japan.
The commitment to rice, which is also transmitted from its name, and the solid ability of Nishida Sake Brewery, which can be seen from the award history. Which is the reason of  “Denーshu" has become famous all over Japan. It’s a little pricey product, but  it’s well understood that it’s worth it.

You can use it for yourself or as a gift to decorate your special occasion. Whether you like “Denshu" or haven’t tried it yet, please enjoy “Denshu"!

Hopefully this site  helps you to enjoy the Sake.

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