What kind of sake brand is Kachikoma?勝駒


 Introducing the winning game of Toyama’s famous sake “Kachikoma" known as infrequent or  rare sake!!

Everyone! Do you like sake?

Whether you like sake or not, do you know Kachikoma, a rare sake that is hard to come by? It’s a very popular brand, so it’s still in short supply, but the reason for the shortage isn’t just “popularity"!

This time, we will introduce the sake “Kachikoma", which is packed with the producer’s commitment!


About Kachikoma

The reason why Kachikoma is said to be “extremely rare" …?

The taste of Katsukoma

About Kachikoma

・ Kiyoto Sake Brewery

“Kachikoma" is a sake brewed by Kiyoto Sake Brewery in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture.

Kiyoto Sake Brewery is a small sake brewery with a history that was founded in 1897. Based on the philosophy of “unfaithfulness" (do not accept falsehood), he says that he does not mass-produce, does not increase the number of types, and makes sake quality first.

In 2000, the brewery was registered as a national tangible cultural property and attracted attention. Good old taste is good.

・ Origin of the name

“Kachikoma" is a name that is said to have been named after the Russo-Japanese War.

The first Mr. Keisuke Kiyoto returned from the Russo-Japanese War and opened a brewery in his hometown of Takaoka, so he was named Kachikoma in commemoration of the victory of the Russo-Japanese War.

The characters on the label, Kchikoma, were written by Masuo Ikeda, an artist who was active in various genres. Mr. Ikeda was also a fan of Kachikoma. It’s a sake that is loved by celebrities.

What is the reason why Kachikoma is said to be “extremely rare" …?

As written at the beginning, this sake is “super rare".
Let me explain why it is hard to get it even though it is popular all over the country.

・ Small sake brewery

It’s a small handmade sake, so it can’t be made into a lot of sake in a year.
With only five makers, we are steadily brewing. It has always been the case. It will continue to be so.
A small amount a year. However, we would like to continue to cultivate and protect the essence that cannot be produced in mass production (“Sake that knows true luxury" -someone said so).
With pride — “We are the smallest sake brewer in Toyama.
Quote: From the label

This is the word on the label of Katsukoma.

The Seito Sake Brewery is brewing sake with only five people! It’s a surprising number of people …
This is because we are particular about small-quantity production and take pride in making polite and high-quality sake.

The reason why Tagu is not so popular in the world is that we are particular about small-lot production with such a small number of people.
Despite its popularity nationwide, it still sticks to polite sake brewing. The sincere attitude towards sake and its policy may be the secret of its deliciousness.

・ Many are available in Toyama

As mentioned earlier, Tagu is hard to come by because it is produced in small quantities. (Although it is often resold and sold at a multiple of the official price …)

In addition, it seems that there is no stable sales volume, as even dealers sell it with a limit of one bottle per person.

If you really want to drink, it might be a good idea to go to Toyama (laughs).

The taste of Katsukoma

There are several types of Kachikoma, but the most representative brand is “Junmaishu".
It is a pure rice sake made from sake rice called Gohyakumangoku. “50% rice milling" is a surprising condition for pure rice sake. It is a high spec that can be called Daiginjo.

The aroma is gentle and subdued, the umami of rice spreads, and it has a refreshing taste like pure rice sake. It is a high-quality and elegant sake.
This is delicious that you won’t get tired of drinking.

In addition, there are Daiginjo using Yamada Nishiki, Daiginjo “Tokugin" and Junmai Ginjo, Junmaishu using Gohyakumangoku, Honjo, and freshly squeezed raw sake. Despite the long-lasting sake brewery, there are surprisingly few types. It seems that one of the commitments is not to increase the types unnecessarily.

Representative brand kachikoma
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